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conocer chicos en guayaquil ecuador I miss dessert.  I miss brownies, cheesecake and ice cream.  It’s been a while since I’ve indulged in any of these in a restaurant, not because I’ve been on some crazy, anti-deliciousness diet, but because it is simply impossible to stuff any more food down my throat following one of the enormous meals that are being served in restaurants nowadays. 

dating a douchebag roomie download I am full.  After reading this article over at divine caroline I discovered why.  Liz Monte took a look at the portion increases (in calories) of several foods over the past 20 years:

  • Two Slices of Pizza – 70% Increase
  • Cup of Coffee – 633% Increase
  • Movie Popcorn – 133% Increase
  • Bagels – 150% Increase
  • Cheeseburgers – 77% Increase

http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=binary-option-no-deposit-bonus-2013&ce2=5a binary option no deposit bonus 2013 Along with their sizes, restaurant meal prices have also shot up.  From 1987 to 2007 the cost of a McDonald’s hamburger went from $.62 to $.89, a 44% increase.  

rencontrer l'autre dans son modèle du monde These changes have been hard on both American’s waistlines and their pocketbooks; not to mention our pensions for desserts.  The so-called value meal touts more bang for your buck, but only if you shell out a little more buck.  Who asked for more bang?  Maybe the bang-to-buck ratio was just fine.


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Buying Quality: Wood Furniture

Anyone who’s been to a Pottery Barn outlet can tell you that that’s where chipped pieces of particle board go to die.  That bedroom set sure didn’t look like that in the catalog.

Last year, newlywed Husband and I went to Ashley Furniture to buy an affordable entertainment center.  Knowing a little bit about furniture, I made sure to ask if the piece we were looking at was solid wood.  The salesperson assured me that, yes, it was, “entirely made of wood.”  Technically, she wasn’t lying.  Veneer is wood.  Particle board is wood.   

Many, dare I say most, large furniture companies use a combination of veneers and particle board to make their furniture.  Veneers, or thin sheets of wood, are glued to the surface of particle board, or saw dust and wood chips that are glued together, and voila, you have a cheap, decent looking building material (I got a little comma crazy in this sentence, I apologize).  This type of construction has several downsides. 

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Time is Money – Part 4: How to Avoid Yard Work

This is the fourth article in our series about saving time.

Yard work always seems like a good idea before you actually have to do it. The thought of pushing a lawnmower around your own little piece of the American dream has a little romance to it. Of course, as soon as you actually have to get the mower started, mow, and trim in 100+ degree heat, yard work loses a little of that romance. Here is how to save time doing, or avoiding, yard work.

As Jesse from Breaking Bad would say, “Science, bitch!” Those dudes hanging out in white lab coats are good for a lot more than landing a rover on Mars, they also use those big brains to make life easier for us couch potatoes. Do a little research and use science to your advantage in avoiding yard work. For example, do you hate pulling weeds? Well you’re in luck, the eggheads have created a little thing called a preemergent. What is a preemergent you may ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, it is applied before (pre) the weeds sprout (or emerge). It looks like fertilizer but has the exact opposite effect. Instead of helping plants grow, it keeps their seeds from sprouting. Apply this a couple of times a year and you won’t have any weeds to pull. Science favors the lazy.
Consider removing your grass for a less upkeep-intense landscape. Do you hate mowing your lawn? Join the club. Did you know that in many places, especially in drought-prone areas of the country, the government will pay you to remove your grass? How’s that for a deal? Uncle Sam will pay YOU to be more lazy. It’s a great country we live in. Of course, the government wins too. Grass takes water to grow, usually lots of water. In many places water is a precious commodity, one not to be thrown away on fescue. Check with your local water district and you may find you can make money by ripping out your grass and putting in desert landscaping or that zen rock garden you always wanted. Less work and a mediation place all in one.
Hit up child labor. No, I’m not kidding. I’m not saying I advocate sweat shops and all that, but kids make great servants. Many kids’ first job involves mowing lawns. Look around your neighborhood and you’re sure to find a couple willing kids who are too young to get a “real” job but big enough to push a lawnmower around. While they might not do quite as good of a job as a professional landscaper, I guarantee they will be a lot cheaper. Offer to pay them minimum wage or less and chances are they’ll jump at the opportunity. Don’t exploit them – that’s obviously not cool, but many kids are looking to enter the work force and helping you with your yard is a good place to start. Plus, it’s a lot nicer to pay a 13 year old $10 to mow your lawn while you watch TV than suffer the heat and do it yourself.
http://socialactionnet.com/?fistawka=joggeur-rencontre-ours-%C3%A9gar%C3%A9&b6e=71 How do you avoid yard work? Any science tricks you know to avoid getting your hands dirty? Share below.

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A Spouse’s Guide to: Laughlin Air Force Base

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outdoor dating Del Rio Top 3:

1. Have a garage sale (off base, in the Buena Vista area).  People will buy EVERYTHING.  I knew a girl who sold an old car cigarette lighter off her floor.  Just be careful, personal space is not observed in Del Rio.

2. Go to parties, float the river, and be social.  We had the absolute best time and made true, life-long friends.

3.  If you’re not working, go to the education center.  There are some amazing scholarship opportunities available for spouses.

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Frozen Fun For Frugal Families

It is heating up out there people, and with the last day of school lurking around the corner you may be starting to scramble for fun ideas to occupy your kids.  Plus, you would welcome new ways to beat the heat.  You have probably put your summer savings under lock and key for a family vacation but since that only lasts a week or two what can you do with the rest of those hot summer days that won’t break the bank?  Why don’t you break the ice instead?  Here are some fun frozen activities and treats for you to try:

Conduct an Ice Excavation.   Take the largest plastic container that will fit in your freezer, add small dinosaur toys, and watch your kids play at paleontologist and arctic explorers.  Some great tips:  freeze in stages to have “fossils” at different depths not all floating to the top, and use blue food coloring to get a more arctic ice look.  Let them try different tools to see what works best (chisel, warm water, scraper, pick, toothbrush).  This is fun and a great teaching opportunity (hot vs. cold, dinosaurs, problem solving, how to use specific tools).

Make Ice Cream.  If you do not own or have access to borrow an ice cream maker you can make it with simple Ziploc bags that kids can have fun shaking until it gets frozen and creamy.

Make Frozen Color blocks.  Gather up a variety of kitchen containers of all shapes and sizes like Tupperware, muffin tins, and bowls.  Then, fill them with water and colorful food dyes.  Last, freeze them all and when they are solid head outside for an extra cool building game.  You can stack them like wooden blocks but with more interesting shapes and sizes.  Also, watch the shapes change and colors blend as they melt.

Make Popsicles.  Freezer molds are not that expensive, you may even have containers around the house that would work.  So just buy a bag or popsicle sticks, or do mini popsicles in an ice cube tray with toothpicks.  Try doing colorful layers or fun inclusions like fruit bits or candies.

Go Ice Blocking.  Nothing quite like the thrill of flying down a grassy hill with your butt frozen to a block of ice.  You might want to bring along your bike helmets and skateboard knee pads to help with bumps and bruises, but if you end up with some of those—hey, the ice is right there!

Have an Ice Sculpture Contest.  Start with one large ice block each and use hammers, chisels, screwdrivers sandpaper and the like to end up with a beautiful swan or Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Make Shaved Ice.  You don’t need a special machine for this.  There are a hundred ways so shave ice so be creative!  Try the blender, a cheese grater, or fork.  Also, have fun coming up with fun ways to flavor the ice.

Try Mini Igloo Architecture.  For this activity it would be helpful to have true ice “cube” trays that make nice square flat ice cubes for you to build with.  Don’t just stop with the igloo, castle, or house exteriors.  Look up photos of the famed ice hotels for ideas on interiors, furniture etc.

asian muslim dating uk So what are your “cool” and inexpensive ideas for fun this summer?

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15 Ways to Simplify Your Life

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

In terms of your to-do list: simple begets easy, easy begets accomplished, accomplished begets having time to do all of that other stuff you really wanted to do.  Here are some ideas to get you started saving that most precious commodity: time. 

1. Unsubscribe from junk emails.

It is easy to just hit the delete button, but that’s not solving the problem.  Just scroll to the bottom of the email and look for the tiny tiny unsubscribe button.  Save yourself the trouble of sifting through your junk box for an important email or switching addresses all together.

2. Set up automatic bill pay.

Living in small towns for the past 2 years has made me miss this one.  Pay your bills on time all the time?  Yes please.  If you like to know the exact moment your bill gets paid, many companies offer email notifications when the payment is drafted. 

3. Opt for electronic statements.

I feel like I’m getting more than just a bank statement nowadays.  I’m getting envelopes, return envelopes, fliers, advertisements, oh my!  Many banks are also starting to charge for paper statements.  Save your space and money.  Do it now. 

4. Adopt the 4+ Text Rule.

A friend suggested this one recently and it really does save you time.  If a text conversation requires more than 4 messages back and forth, just make the call.  Consider how much extra time is added to the conversation when you factor in typing and waiting for responses.   

5. Keep track of your budget automatically.

What’s the one thing that everyone’s worried about?  Money, duh.  Automate your budget and keep track of your spending using your computer.  Oh, off the top of my head, there’s Quicken ($35), Mint.com (free), and your bank may even offer some sort of expense tracking tool like the one at USAA (free). 

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