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Toy OVERLOAD – Everyone’s Guilty

site de rencontre pour ronde au quebec When I was 5, I begged my parents for a Go-go My Walking Pup.  I only used the darn thing once, but was absolutely devastated when my mom sold it in a garage sale.  It still hurts to talk about.


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site de rencontre riche Kids love toys; and nowadays they have a lot of them.  Kids also love candy, but nobody’s giving Junior a King Pack of Snickers Bars and telling him to go wild.  Why does it seem like there are more toys than ever?  I’m no scientist, but I can speculate.

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September 2010 Archive

Pardon the dust.  It is an archive afterall.
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Life insurance fraud costs international life insurance providers and estimated $68 billion dollars annually. Wow! $68B is a lot of dough – the kind of dough that makes people go crazy with desire; and commit serious crimes. Life insurance fraud cases are, as you would probably expect, at all-time highs. That means that people are comitting insurance fraud, more and more, because they feel forced to provide for their families in seemingly impossible scenarios.

They don’t want to “go out”, leaving their loved ones to struggle in the midst of an insane world – and so they try to get over on life insurance companies. It’s not the most novel idea, but it is a popular one. All the major insurers have fallen victim over the years, Allstate, GEICO,  even GIO have had to deal with these unfortunate events.

plan cul isere Extreme Cases of Life Insurance Fraud

Johnny works as a mortician journeyman, and he has a social issue. You see, Johnny doesn’t like playing by the rules. He likes games of  chance instead. He believes he has the “perfect crime” planned: a life insurance fraud scheme.

He knows he can do it. He has connections. He uses them to forge fake IDs, procure fictitious medical documentation and all other necessary items to fool the life insurance company out of their death benefit payouts.He loves his family and sees no other ways to make sure they are provided for after he passes. He steals a body, fakes a death, gets a doctor to sign off on medical documents and then collects life insurance benefits on someone who never really existed.

partnersuche herrenberg Life Insurance Fraud 2014

Modern technologies have empowered life insurance companies to detect fraud schemes easier and more effectively. DNA testing, a backlogged judicial system and $68B worth of massive inspiration to stop fraud have insurance fraud investigators hopping through their careers like bunnies; never able to completely thwart the onset.

That $68 billion is annual losses keeps those companies hiring more investigators, keeping those investigators actively investigating – and stumbling in overall inefficiency like never before. Remember: life insurance fraud is at all-time high levels.

wie kann ich partnersuche de löschen How record high life insurance fraud affects your wallet:

Get one thing clear: life insurance companies, as well as all other types of insurance companies, do not incur long-term losses. They just don’t. They employ actuaries, some of the smartest people alive, to ensure that they do no lose money long-term. That means that every single time someone gets away with a life insurance fraud scheme, the insurance company will redefine their premium pricing schedules to absorb those losses. YOU will pay, along with the rest of everyone, for the losses life insurance companies pay out to fraud. Insurance companies do not take losses; they distribute their costs to their policyholders.

jobs partnervermittlung schweiz Bottom line about extreme life insurance fraud:

Extreme life insurance fraud is on the rise. Because economies are suffering while governments increase revenues, people are more and more desperate. They turn to crime, sometimes to fraud. Criminals who want to succeed get extreme, and this results in some very intricate plans to take money from life insurance companies. Even with all the investigators in place, these companies continue to lose profits because of extreme life insurance fraud.

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The Basics of Investment Properties

Feel free to use the following information to make yourself some cash when buying an investment property.

Pay the right price

Investing in real estate is the same as any other investment purchase. It is all about buying low and selling high. You need to avoid paying too much for an investment property if you want to make money off of it. This means being able to purchase a property under market value. You can do this by investigating the local market and making an offer below the market value. Help yourself find some great cheap loan deals with comparethemarket.  The difference between a profitable and an unprofitable one all depends upon the deal that you get.

Be prepared to invest in the property

Getting a property on the cheap often means that it will not be in an absolutely perfect condition. You can get a sweet deal on a foreclosed property or a distressed home. However, you need to be prepared to spend both time and money fixing up a property. This means not depleting all of your financial resources on the investment home purchase. You should keep some extra cash to refurbish and renovate areas that need work. It is always best to hire professionals and get the job done right the first time. Spending a few extra bucks to fix up a home could result in a healthy profit.

Figure out how to make money off the property before buying

You should outline your plan to make money off of a piece of real estate property before buying. Is your plan to fix up a house and flip it for a quick profit? Or is your plan to hold onto a property for the long term and generate rental income month after month? You will need to know your plan for making money before applying for a loan from a bank. This will keep you from overextending yourself and losing money on your home. It will also make it easier for you to explain your investment purchase to potential lenders and secure the loan funds that you need.

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