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15 Little Budget Busters


Looking at your credit card statement 1 dollar here, 5 dollars there probably won’t jump out and grab your attention (unless it is at a questionable establishment; although, I don’t think you can use a credit card at those types of places).  Some of these little expenses you won’t even see on your bill because you’re simply paying extra.  Most financial blogs/gurus/experts/etc. agree that the little expenses are where budgets frequently get off track. 

Just so you don’t think I’m being smug here, this list consists primarily of mine and Husband’s own little budget busters.  I’m not sure why I’m continuing to write this magnificent introduction, considering most of you are already scanning the list below.  Hey!  My eyes are up here! 

Eh, whatever, without further ado, here’s the stinking list you animals. 


1. Music – $1/song is so much easier to let slip than the $19.99/CD of olden days.

2. Apps – probably the best marketing concept EVER; kudos to Apple.  Tell me, why is it that I am so inclined to spend $2.99 on a game that launches birds at pigs?  I don’t know either, but I am.

3. Chick Drinks – when McDonald’s introduced any drink for $1 I was just thrilled.  One Diet Coke per day was already in our budget (it’s important to me, don’t make a fuss).  However, with the price so low, I suddenly found myself justifying and extra one here, an extra one there.  It was no good for the budget.  

4. Man Drinks – I hate going to bars.  It’s not the smoke, the loud music, or the handsy dudes (maybe a little bit of the last one); it drives me crazy to see people paying $2, $3, $4 for a drink that comes in a 12 pack for half the cost per beer.  But I do do it occasionally for Husband; jeeze, I must really like that man.

5. Great Deals! – the great deal at Target.  The too good to pass up deal.  The deal that will never ever ever happen again.  Wow, that sounds like a good deal.  But was it something you already needed?  Do you really need it?  No?  Oh, well maybe its not such a great deal after all. 

6. Eating Out – we go to restaurants about two nights per week.  Where our budget gets busted is when we order an appetizer just for fun or the steak as a little treat.  Spontaneity sure is hard to keep track of. 

7. Super Sizing – would you like to make it a meal for just a $1.50 extra?  Why yes I would, that sounds like a great idea. 

8. Bank/ATM Fees – getting a $2 fee removed from your statement is not exactly what I would call fun.  If you asked me to do it right now, I’m pretty sure I would try to pass it off to Husband.  Hey, there’s your solution, make your spouse do it!  Problem solved.  You are welcome. 

9. Anything in the Checkout Aisle – Candy, magazines, batteries, chap-stick and silly putty.  I am susceptible to wanting these things AT ALL TIMES.  That’s why somebody smart put them all in a convenient location right next to where I whip out my wallet.  How thoughtful.

10. Going Over on Your Cell Phone Bill – pretty self-explanitory. 

11. Buying the Pretty Package – Store brands are ugly.  And although we are told, logically so, that there is virtually no difference in the actual product, sometimes we can’t resist reaching for the prettier, name-brand bottle of dish soap. 

12. Leaving the Door Open, the Water On, and Everything Else Your Dad Ever Yelled at You About

13. Grocery Shopping Hungry (or with a Hungry Husband) – wait a minute, I didn’t come here for pickles.  Ooo, you know what would go really great with pickles?  A big bag of Sour Creme and Cheddar potato chips!

14. Snacks – you may be noticing a pattern here.  Food is a big budget item for us and I’m betting it is for you too.  Steer clear of convenience stores because you’ll pay for that so-called convenience.   

15. Grocery Shopping Without a List – this not only eats up your budget, but your time as well.  Sitting down and making a list and then matching it with coupons will save you in more ways than one. 



Photo Credits: The Consumerist, Steve Snodgrass, Shlala, Joe Shlabotnik

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/09/2010

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