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5 Library Perks

Ever since Barnes and Nobel started putting Starbucks in their stores, there really hasn’t been much of a reason to hit the public library.  Well, draw yourself away from their frothy mocha-chino’s for one moment and let me remind you the upsides of your local book rental facility; you’re already paying for it with your taxes, why not give it another shot?

DVD’s & CD’s

If it’s been a while since you stopped by, you might be surprised by the ever expanding collection that some libraries are accumulating.  It’s not just PBS educational VHS tapes anymore.  Try the newest releases for even cheaper than a $1/night RedBox.   

Cookbooks or Whatever it is that You’re Into

I too love the thrill of taking a pretty, fresh smelling, brand new book home.   More than that, I love the idea of trying before I buy.  Too many times have I been scorned by a book with a pretty cover but drivel inside.

Magazines, all the magazines that you can imagine!  Well, some of them.

You can either spend $4.50 for Martha at the checkout stand, only to come away with a feeling of housekeeping inadequacy, or you can get this feeling for free.  Cheer yourself up; spend the $4.50 on a candy bar or a mocha-chino. 

Adult Classes

No, I’m not talking about getting stickers for reading chapter books.  Try sewing, finance, cooking, lumber-jacking, whatever.  Check with your local library to see what’s available.  I hear the lumberjack class has a pizza party at the end. 


Tired of the bongos banging at Starbucks?  Our library is now offering premium coffee, for free, minus the pretentious alternative music that you never really liked. 


What are you loving about your library? 

You love your library?  Why don’t you marry it?

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/07/2010