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5 Things You Can Buy Refurbished

People are always looking for new ways to save money and considering purchasing factory refurbished products is a great way to do this.  Refurbs may not be the best option for you either because of your comfort level or your desire to buy new, however, they are worth a look.  Before you start your search, here are some questions from the Practical Home Theater Guide that you’ll want to ask before buying a refurbished product:

  • Is it a factory-refurbished product?

  • Is the refurbished unit being sold by a manufacturer authorized dealer?

  • Does the refurbished unit have a valid U.S. warranty?

    At least it should come with a typical 45 to 90-day Parts and Labor warranty.

  • Does the retailer offer a return policy for the refurbished unit in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase?

    Expect at least 15-days return policy. This is important so that you can inspect the product yourself before a final decision.

  • Is it possible to get an extended warranty for the refurbished item?

    This does not imply that you should purchase an extended warranty – rather it shows to what extent the retailer is ready to backup the refurbished product.

Here’s a look at a few refurbished products, and the types of savings you can expect: 


Computer-Type Electronics

I’ve never bought a refurbished computer, nor am I sure that I ever would, however, the option is out there.  At the very least, it’s worth considering buying accessories refurbished. 

Case in Point: Dell Refurbished ST2410 HD Monitor

Market Value 259.99 Sale Price 199.99
Refurbished Price 179.00 Refurbished Price 179.00
Savings 80.99 Savings 20.99
31% 10%


It is very house-wifely of me to say, however, my vacuum is one my most favorite purchases EVER.  Aside from my love of dirt removal, I love a good deal even more.

Case in Point: Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum – Refurbished by Overstock

Market Value 549.00
Refurbished Price 379.99
Savings 169.01

Household Appliances

In the grand scheme of things, a relatively small purchase like a blender may not be worth your while to research and research before you buy.  That said, you’re already reading this article, so now you know where you can save on your next appliance and saving is always a good thing.   

Case in Point: Breville Factory-Refurbished Espresso Machine

Market Value 499.00
Refurbished Price 199.99
Savings 299.01

Cell Phones

Cell phones are EXPENSIVE, I’m sure you are aware.  Whether you are due for an upgrade, or you dropped your phone in water (three times, in Husband’s case), try looking at factory-refurbished phones to save a little dough.  Slightly off-topic question: why have they not invented a waterproof phone yet? 

Case in Point: Refurbished Apple iPhone

Market Value 149.00
Refurbished Price 99.00
Savings 50.00


It can be difficult to find quality furniture at a decent price nowadays.  Try looking at local antique or consignment stores for gently-used and/or reconditioned pieces, and avoid shipping costs. 


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Article publié pour la première fois le 11/08/2010

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