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5 Ways to Save $20 This Month

I am a worrier, it’s just what I do.  And, believe it or not, this is the time of year I start up the worry machine for the dreaded Holiday Spending.  Christmas is only six months away people!  Anyway, I am looking to give my spending/saving habits somewhat of an extreme makeover now to help me out come year’s end. A little nip here, a little tuck there, and voila!– A sleek, slender, and sexy new savings account.  Here are some ideas to try– small things that can really add up.

Review Your Bills

Remember when you signed up for Showtime because you wanted to watch the new season of Homeland?  Well, the season ended months ago, you don’t watch that channel, but you are still paying for it.  Usually we sit down to our stack of bills, or computer and pay them by rote.  Take the extra 10 minutes this month to actually read through them and find the unnecessaries, the add-ons, and mistakes.  Then call your phone and cable company and adjust accordingly.

Use Self-Checkout

I know what you are saying, “The self-checkout line?  At the supermarket?  What do they have there that is so special?”  But the special part is what they DON’T have there.  No candy bars, no gossip magazines, no jumbo packs of AA batteries that you will probably need sometime, no prepackaged dozen of day-old doughnuts, no gum, no sad little potted cactus looking for a good home.  Nothing.  Just a check-out, some plastic bags, and a few extra dollars in your pocket each time you exit the store.

Fix Your Taxes

Did April 15th sneak up on you again this year?  Well, whether you slid your return in under the wire or extended chances are you did them wrong.  Let me explain, if you usually get a tax refund check in the mail then your tax withholdings need an adjustment.  I know it is kind of satisfying to open that envelope squealing, “How much did I get?  How much did I get?”  But the truth is, if you are receiving a refund you are loaning Uncle Sam money and he doesn’t pay interest.  So adjust those taxes and keep that money in your account instead.

Save Gas

You know that stuff is liquid gold, right?  Gasoline is expensive and it aint gettin’ any cheaper.  But to face facts, for most of us it is a necessary evil.  This month, look for ways to at least use less of it.  Start a carpool with your co-workers, classmates, friends, or family.  Take the bus.  For destinations within a few miles of your home ride a bike or walk.  And when you must drive remember that inflating your tires to the correct pressure, going the speed limit, accelerating and decelerating gradually, and using the A/C less are all great ways to extend the life of that $50 tank of gas.

Bag It

This last one may sound simplistic and hokey but it is tried and true.  Also, I personally need to be reminded of it once in a while when my budget is wearing thin and I just can’t understand why. (Duh, drop the Big Mac, Dummy.)  Take your own lunch to work just TWO times this month ergo save $20.

I hope you find this little bit of information enlightening in some way.  I know I will benefit from the reminders I gave myself, or at least my kid will in about 182 1/2 days. Merry Christmas!

Have you found a great way to save $20 lately?  Do share with us in the comments below.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/06/2013