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5 Ways to save on groceries

I know that groceries are one of any household’s biggest expenses and it’s also the one commodity that often goes to waste. It’s pretty tough going to the grocery store and sticking to a limited budget. So if you want to save big at the checkout here are some smart ways of cutting back and saving big:

Create meal plans

Remember when you tried that diet that involved writing down everything you ate? Well a meal plan is the reverse but just as effective. Create a week’s worth of meals plans that use similar ingredients but have different tastes and only purchase the items necessary to make those dishes.

Shop with a list

I know what you’re thinking, that is never going to be me. A list is one of the most essential cost saving tools against overspending on your groceries. If you write down exactly what you need before you hit the aisles and stick to what’s on your list, rather than buying anything that looks appealing at the time you can save dramatically.

Buy bargains in bulk

15 cakes of soap for a 1/3 of the price? 100 toilet rolls for the cost of 20? You’re getting the idea now aren’t you? If you find a bargain of non perishable items, be it toiletries, cosmetics or even tinned foods that you use regularly take advantage of the cost savings and stock up.

Stick to store brands

You know that store brands are cheaper and usually of the same quality as well known labels right? Switch to store brands for all possible purchases and if you find the tastes really do differ then only buy non food items as you will still save a chunk of cash.

Clip coupons

This may sound like every shoppers nightmare, but it’s amazing how easily accessible coupons are. Often you will even find coupons next to the item you are buying in-store, and so many people just walk straight past them. Don’t think clipping coupons makes you look cheap; it actually makes you look smart and helps your bank balance look even better.

I hope you find this information useful and that you can use it to adjust your grocery shopping habits accordingly, saving you extra cash at a time when you really could use it.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/06/2013

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