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6 Quick Ways to Get Extra Cash

Most of us do our best to save but when an emergency comes up, we don’t always have enough to cover it. That can be scary and stressful, knowing you did your best but fell short. Whatever your situation, here are quick ways to get cash right now.  I’d suggest only using some of these in dire emergencies.

6 Ways to Have More Cash

  1. Work more – Whether you can pick up more hours, get a second job, or turn a hobby job into a money stream, you can look into working more to earn cash.  This would take time obviously, but if you have a month, you can make $1000 through stuff like baby sitting, pet sitting, tutoring, etc.  I know since I do it…
  2. Share your space – Getting a roommate can save you half of your monthly housing payment!
  3. Eat cheaper – Stop eating out to save money fast.  Eat cheaper options at home.
  4. Sell your stuff – Since the start of owning stuff, people have been selling it to make money quickly.  You can use Craigslist, Ebay, your network, or even a pawn shop.  First look at what you don’t use and then maybe consider the big stuff like your bicycle or car.
  5. Get a loan – Your credit union or bank may have better rates than a credit card.  Look at all of your options.
  6. Cash in an annuity or structured settlement – If you are getting regular payments, you can look into getting cash for structured settlement or annuity lump sums.  This usually means taking a hit on the overall that you would have been paid, but maybe you need the lump sum now more than the consistent payments over time.

My Ways

I will be making $1000 this month alone with pet sitting.  In the past, I’ve sold my stuff, worked as a cow mascot, got a part-time job at a book store, babysat, and even sold my hair.  My husband and I even have had roommates to lessen the housing load and stop eating out when we want to save an easy $300 a month.

What ways am I missing?

Article publié pour la première fois le 14/03/2014