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A Spouse’s Guide to: Cannon AFB

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Clovis Top 3:

1. Grow a vegetable garden, you won’t believe the yield.

2. Be open and give the people and the area a chance.  This is a great base, the best one for us thus far as far as fellowship.

3. Garage/estate sales are great around here; if you hold one, you will probably get sold out!

4. Enjoy rodeos, carnivals, the Balloon Fest in Albuquerque; all that small town living has to offer.


Base housing:  On-base some are newly constructed, but the majority are older, yet nice, homes.  Off-base “on-base” housing is available in the towns of Clovis and Portales and are pretty nice as well.

Best Area to Rent/Buy a House:

The general rule is North of 21st and East of Norris.  It is currently (as of June 2010) a seller’s maket.  New developments are being built, but at a much slower rate than the influx of personnel.  So, the market consists mainly of pre-existing homes.

The rental market is VERY fast paced; good ones come, but you have to act quickly to get them.  I highly recommend consulting a realtor, even for a rental. 

Where to get what You Need:


Albertson’s – lowest price by far for milk (usually around $2/gal cheaper!), best produce, but higher prices on everything else.

Walmart – the usual: better buys for a few household items and dog food as a general rule.

Commissary – takes the cake for the grocer with the best prices.

Dry Cleaners: Definitely use the base; cheaper than off-base by almost half.


A-1 Alignment

Discount Tires – They have fixed several flats for me at no charge.  Gotta love small towns.

Local Eateries:

Cotton Patch – wonderful rolls & home-cooking.

Cripple Creek – the sign looks like it says ‘The Greek.’  Don’t be fooled. 

Snappy Tomato Pizza

All That & A Bag of Chips – located in the upstairs of the Crafter’s Mall.  Anything that Sandra makes is fabulous.  I recommend the raspberry lemonade and chicken panini.

Drop Zone (on base) – best breakfast burritos around.

Taco Villa (in town) – 2nd best breakfast burritos around.

Cupcake Café – located on 7th & Pile; she is a cupcake wizard.  If you can dream it, she can make it.


Play-Dough and Lego’s – my 4 year-old, Jimmy, made sure that I put down. 

Base pool & Hereford pool

Hillcrest Zoo – the 2nd largest zoo in NM, it’s one of our favorite spots (closed on Monday’s). 

Several nice playgrounds and parks

Shopping – Mariachi Frog, Crafter’s Mall, Hobby Lobby & 2 Shabby Divas to name a few.

Sports leagues & camping 

Day trips to Amarillo & Lubbock

Weekend trips to Carlsbad Caverns, Ute Lake & Albuquerque

Kids – over the past year the squadrons has had 30+ new arrivals!  It’s in the water, drink if you dare.  We are now due with #4.

Gardening – the climate is great to grow just about anything you want.

Small town USA – parades, picnics & festivals galore.

Spouses Club

Finding a Job:

The best places would be the base office and the local newspaper.

Useful Websites:



Have some Cannon info you would like to share?  Post a comment.

Contact me if you would like to do a full profile on your base.

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