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A Spouse’s Guide to: Laughlin Air Force Base

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Del Rio Top 3:

1. Have a garage sale (off base, in the Buena Vista area).  People will buy EVERYTHING.  I knew a girl who sold an old car cigarette lighter off her floor.  Just be careful, personal space is not observed in Del Rio.

2. Go to parties, float the river, and be social.  We had the absolute best time and made true, life-long friends.

3.  If you’re not working, go to the education center.  There are some amazing scholarship opportunities available for spouses.


If you are not sure how long you are going to be at Laughlin, I highly recommend living on base.  The houses are older, but very clean, and the community feeling can’t be beat. http://laughlin.pinnaclefamilyhousing.com/

A couple of notes on base housing:

Air Filters are gold, custom made (unavailable in stores) and never available from Pinnacle.  If someone offers you one, take it and run.  You will find similar circumstances for any other item you may require from the housing office.

Pinnacle has recently changed their policy on painting (as of May 2010).  You can paint, but they want you to paint back completely to the oh-so-pricey Sherwin Williams white.  Still, it is worth painting at least your living room at least for your sanity’s sake.

When we left Pinnacle was in the process of installing electricity meters.  The intention is to bill residents for usage over average consumption.

If you do want to live off base there are a couple of reasonable places to live.

Best Apartments: Stonegate

Although the nicest and most secure, be careful, they raise their rates yearly to match housing allowance raises.  They are a little bit of a drive to base (20 min), but ϋber close to Wal-Mart.

Best Area to Rent a House: “The Reservation”/Buena Vista 

This is area is basically a base transplant right behind Stonegate Apartments.

Where to get what You Need:

Groceries: Commissary, Wal-Mart, HEB

Warning: Going to Wal-Mart and HEB can be a bit of culture shock.

Dry Cleaners: Fashion Dry Cleaners on Cantu Street; they make party shirts here for cheap.

Mechanic: Pacheco Worldwide Automotive, amazing service and price. 

Local Restaurants:

Cripple Creek – Steak House

Manuel’s – Mexican Food, and Steak House

Brown Bag – Lunch

Chinto’s – BREAKFAST TACOS! (I’m sure they serve other things as well)

Sala’s Better Burger – They serve burgers here.  Clearly.

Mason Jar – Burgers, amazing.

The Herald – Martini Bar/Fancy Pants Restaurant

Moving Supplies: The recycling center on base, best resource EVER.  We packed our whole house without buying one box.


Lake Amistad

Float the Rio Grande – You can say you won’t, but you will.

San Antonio – approx. 2.5 hours

San Angelo – approx. 2 hours

Parties – Every weekend, everywhere.  Go to them, they are a great place to meet people.

Spouses Club


Finding a Job:

Get on the base career network email list.  Be prepared for some… strange job notices, but every now and then they do have some of the more coveted base positions.

Contact: [email protected]


I know this website is available everywhere, but it is the best resource I was able to find for the Laughlin area in particular.  You’ll find that Del Rio is quite a small town and most local positions are filled by word of mouth.

Drop off your résumé.

This is how I found my job at a local accounting firm.  There is a great need for skilled labor in the area, just get in their faces and get them your résumé.


A couple of pictures of our house on base:



Other Useful Sites:






Have some Laughlin info you would like to share?  Post a comment!

Contact me if you would like to do a full profile on your base.

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