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A Very Scary Money Story

This Halloween week read the truly terrifying tale of how Husband and I almost lost literally every important document that we have.  Muahahaha!  You might want to lock your doors and close the blinds before reading this one…


What is your greatest fear?  

Public speaking?  Public nudity?  Spiders?

What is your greatest financial fear?

Not having enough money for retirement?  Being unprepared for a financial emergency?  Douglas H. Shulman?

This past week Husband and I were caught very much with our pants down (figuratively, of course) when one of our biggest financial fears became a reality. 


At long last, the movers came.  Husband and I were on Cloud 9 as we watched the them pack up all the stuff that we hadn't seen for the past 5 months.   We I even said "hello" to some of the little nick knacks that I had been missing the most.

"Hey there little butter dish, looking good."

"Why howdy Mr. Hamper, I sure have missed you."

In our giddiness we got sloppy. 

When you're moving overseas, you can't exactly carry your safe around with you to keep track of your important stuff.   What you should do is buy a brief case, handcuff it to your wrist and not remove it until your arrival.  Sure, showering can get a bit tricky, but at least you know everything is safe (I advise a waterproof briefcase).

Since neither of us could fully commit to the briefcase scenario, Hubs and I opted for a non-brief-cased, non-handcuffed, green folder. 

Yup, as you suspected, the green folder was packed.  But we didn't notice until one day later when we were 200 miles away from the shipment.  I believe the conversation between Husband and I went something like this:

Hey, where's the green folder?

I dunno, I thought you had it.  Why?

Uh, I don't have it.  It has our *important document*, *important document*, and *REALLY important document* in it, that's why.


Yes, crap.

The best scary stories don't really have happy endings.  Thank goodness this isn't one of those stories. 

I ended up driving the 200 miles back to the warehouse and supervising as the movers cracked open our crates a bit early (for just $60/hour). 


The moral of the story:

Garlic, hemlock & silver bullets won't protect you from financial mayhem.

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/10/2010