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Anchors Away!: Yard Saling– Part II

My article last time was a list of To Dos for having a great yard sale.  This time I will be sharing some important Don’ts.  Now, you may be thinking that no one would want your stuff so why go through the effort of putting on a yard sale.  Trust me, people will buy your junk.  My dad once bought an entire storage unit full of a stranger’s crap, sight unseen. I thought he was pretty much insane.  But then a few months later…enter Storage Wars, an entire TV show dedicated to THIS VERY THING!!  Hey, who knows, your trash could be my treasure.  As promised, here is my list of yard sale Don’ts

Don’t let your customers suffer. What you deem “great weather” might be too hot for your customers.  So set up your patio umbrella, or set up your tables on the lawn under a shade tree.  Also you can have a cooler of sodas and water for sale.  These ideas will make shoppers stay longer and buy more. Yay!

Don’t use a cash box.  Keep your money on you at all times.  Don’t tempt people looking for a different kind of big yard sale score!

Don’t ever let strangers into your house to use your bathroom or try on clothes or try out electric appliances.  Have an extension cord handy so they can see that the old TV really does “work great” and point them in the direction of a gas station for facilities.

Don’t hide away in the garage or plop down in a lawn chair checking Facebook. On the day of the sale, get your salesman on!  Talk to customers, look available to answer questions, have some strapping young men around to help bring old ladies purchases to their cars and bring young ladies to the sale.

Don’t set booby-traps. Get rid of hazards, that broken sprinkler, bucket of antifreeze, your hyper dog, garden hose.  The old WWII vet won’t have time to buy anything when he’s busy riding away in the ambulance. Also hide not-for-sale items.  Basically, you want a gutted, stripped, blank area for your sale.

Don’t let feelings or guilt get in the way. This is a hard one, Be Objective.  Your sentimentality and memories are of no value to other people.  If you love it so much it shouldn’t be in a yard sale, and if you truly want to get rid of it all offers should be considered.  Never feel obligated to keep or get a high price for things you don’t need, use, or even like.  And if you find you just can’t take ‘you’ out of the deal, ask some friends for honest opinions on if and what they would pay for your items.

These tips should help you avoid a few common pitfalls and problems with putting on a yard sale.  Have fun out there and make some money!  Do you shop yard sales?  What do you look for in a great sale to shop?


Article publié pour la première fois le 18/06/2012