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Anchors Away!: Yard Saling

Are you ready to save money, make money, reuse, reduce, recycle, and go green?  Are you tired of being weighed down with clutter?  Put on our captain’s hat, throw that heavy anchor (or armoire) overboard, cut the chain,  and get ready to set (yard) sale.   It’s that time of year, you have done your Spring-cleaning and now you have a heap of stuff you don’t want to tuck back into your closets and garages.  Time to put together a yard sale!   I have been working on a handy list of suggestions to help you get started.  Here are the Dos

Do make it easy on yourself.  Bundle things up to sell in increments of $1. Use rubber bands to make sets of silverware or fill clear bags with small toys.  Change is a pain.

Do invite a neighbor or a family member to do the sale with you.  That way you have more merchandise to draw customers, and more customers draw even more customers.  Also you can split the cost of advertising.  Just be careful not to spend all your profits buying each other’s stuff.

Do display some of your coolest items at the front of your yard or driveway to entice people.  Also, you may want to position yourself and your “check out” there so you can monitor all comings and goings to prevent your stuff from just “walking off.”  From this spot you can share quick info with drive by shoppers, like whether or not you’re offloading any power tools.

Do play some generally appealing, non-offensive music at your sale.  It encourages browsing just like at the mall and it gives the customers a sound screen so they can talk amongst themselves about whether or not your velvet Elvis is worth $8 without feeling like you are eavesdropping.

Do clean up the items you want to sell.  Blow up kid’s arm floaties, put clothes on hangers, shelve books.   No one wants to wade through nasty cobwebby rat poopy boxes.  Plus, if things are dirty they will think you didn’t take care of them so it is probably broken or messed up anyway.  Why would they buy that?

Do make readable signs, put them up at the right time and take them down at the right time.  That is all, thank you.

Do have a FREE box with things like broken appliances that may be good for parts or unwearable clothes that make good scraps or rags.

Do label all items if possible.  You don’t want to keep answering “how much for this?  How much for that?” all day.   For things like children’s clothes or toys you can have grocery sacks that people can stuff for say $2.  Or a sign telling customers “All Items On This Table $1.”

I hope you found these tips helpful or at least interesting.  Stay tuned next week for the Don’ts for your yard sale.  Have you ever pulled off a successful yard sale?  Do you have some other good tips?

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/06/2012