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Ah hem, I have announcement:

There is a brand new feature on Richly Reasonable this week, the RR Money Survey (look down below!).  Please take all of 10 seconds to fill out this 10 question, soul-searching, non-scientific survey. It’s for posterity, and posterity thanks you.

The results will be posted here when I’m good and ready, or adequate data has been collected, one of the two.  Thanks!



Without further ado, these are the carnivals where I was featured this week.  Enjoy!

Best of Money Carnival @ Matt About Money – The New Frugality  

Festival of Frugality @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Value Size 

Carnival of Personal Finance @ Sustainable Life Blog – Money-Proof Your Relationship

Carnival of Money Stories @ Eventual Millionaire – Judge Not, Lest Nobody Like Ye

As long as you are browsing the interwebs, here are some of the articles that I found worthwhile this week:

Tax Rates By Country @ Squirrelers

Sun Tzu’s Art of War Applied to Your Battle Against Debt @ Financial Samurai

Top 10 All-Time Best Money Movies @ Budgets are Sexy

Article publié pour la première fois le 10/09/2010

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