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Be the Best Gift Giver in the WORLD!

In honor of Husband’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about gift giving.  Yes, the perfect gift ought be thoughtful, from the heart and all that other mushy stuff. But really, a gift should be useful, long-lasting, and life-enhancing. 

But what do you get for the person who has everything?  Take Husband for example: he has all the camping equipment and guns a boy could ever dream of (seriously, he’s a real Daniel Boon).  Rather than buying him another coonskin cap that he wouldn’t wear, I coordinated with our families to buy one big gift that none of us could afford singularly.  Although I’ve barely seen the man in two weeks because he’s been playing his new Xbox so much, it’s satisfying to know we got him a gift that he really likes; really really really likes. 

Here are a few ideas for primo presents for next time you find yourself idea-less in the gift department: 

Things you can do by yourself (way to be a team player):

Stock Certificates – at places like oneshare.com you can buy someone a share of their favorite company’s stock.  They come printed on fancy paper with the option of framing, so they are both aesthetically and fiscally pleasing.  I like the Tiffany & Co. (just in case Husband reads this).

Gold Dollars – sure they are essentially cash, but so are gift cards.  And many people are more inclined to save these (or not spend them, same thing), so you’re giving the gift of saving.  Dress them up in a neat container and you’ve got yourself a great gift my friend.

529 Contributions – this reminds me of the old lady who always hands out apples on Halloween.  Well I like apples.  Save your friends and siblings the trouble of more toys and save for their kids’ futures. 

Make a Charitable Contribution in Someone’s Name – give your bud a tax deduction and a warm fuzzy for their birthday.  For the person who truly has everything, the only thing left to do is give.  If you need a worthy organization, my favorite is soldiersangels.org.

Team up:

Join Forces– I like doing this because I don’t like going half-way.  Rather than buying something that’s just alright, I like to get a gift with the wow-factor; I’m talking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition wow-factor (or Xbox wow-factor, if you will).   

Gold Coins – again, it’s an investment and it’s tangible; the best of all gift-giving worlds.  Bonus: after you get enough coins, you can swim Scrooge-McDuck-style.

Travel Layaway – if you help send someone to Hawaii, they’ll owe you forever.  There are many sites like layaway-travel.com that facilitate this type of resource pooling. 


What is your idea of the perfect gift?

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/08/2010