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Best of Money Carnival #85

Welcome to the very first BOM Carnival of 2011!  This is also my first post from Japan, so may I also say, ohayo gozaimasu (Google it).

Since I know that most of you are already scrolling down, I’ll get right to it.  Here are THE best personal finance posts from the past two weeks, dare I say the best posts of 2011…

1. (The Big Kahuna) The Greatest Impact On My Finances And My Best Financial Tool @ Free From Broke

2. The Debt Snowball Method Is Not the Best Way for Everybody to Pay Off Debt @ Provident Planning

3. Five Animals Teach Us Less-wasteful Dining Habits @ Self-Help Happiness Blog

4. The Beauty of Index Funds @ Free Money Finance

5. Stop Standing In Your Own Way @ Mom Vesting

6. 6 People You Can’t Afford to Lie To @ My Dollar Plan

7. 20 Simple Steps To Improve Your Finances Next Year @ Boomer & Echo

8. Why I’m Happy with a $500 Car Repair Bill @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

9. Setting Smart Goals: Getting Things Done @ The Writer’s Coin

10. Is Your Budget a Straitjacket or Your Best Friend? @ Christian PF