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Budget Saboteurs – E!

Flipping through the drivel on cable television I stopped on E! because they are always talking about relevant issues and things that are important in my world.  Really, I just like a good bit of gossip, so don’t judge me.  In between hard-hitting news stories, What’s-her-face in the short skirt did a human interest piece about putting together an affordable, multi-purpose outfit; she called it a “Day to Night” outfit, which somehow seemed fancy.

Here’s the breakdown of the ensemble:

Black Dress – $245

Day Shoes – $30

Night Shoes – $79

Necklace – $30

Purse – $250

Grand Total – $634

Many thoughts coursed through my mind as this woman, sincerely serious, looked into the camera and called this an affordable outfit selection.  

1. Do the people at E! actually think I am stupid?

I assumed that they would refrain from judgment until they had actually met me, but I guess I was wrong.  Admittedly, I am not a member of the E! network’s target audience.  These people are preying on weak budgeters who are susceptible to the right suggestion from the rightly dressed girl.

2. Does this tactic actually sell more $250 purses?

Who knows?  It seems that they are selling more of a lifestyle.  Sure $634 is a lot to spend on an outfit, but slap the term ‘affordable’ on it and they reach out to the common woman.  Maybe a viewer won’t go out and buy the exact items on the list, but they might be more likely to get something similar. 

3. Why does it seem like everyone else’s ‘affordable’ is out of my price range?

I’ll go to Target and find a shirt for $3; I consider that a good deal.  In many of the magazines I read geared towards women, there are features like Real Simple’s “10 Finds Under $50.”  I guess I don’t consider $50 a “find” if it’s not some sort of large piece of furniture. 


Do you feel patronized by these types of advertising tactics?  Me too.  Me too.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/07/2010