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Cheap Family Entertainment

In general, children do not really have an idea about money in that they are unaware of how much things actually cost. If you’re looking to save money, trying to fix your finances this year or are living on a budget with children then the calls of “We want this” at the toy store and “We want to go there!” when browsing holiday brochures send icy shivers through your heart as you tell them it’s not possible. However, there are plenty of fun pieces of family entertainment that are available cheaply, or even freely. We list our  favourites here.

• Long Walks in the Countryside

We’re into the springtime now and is there anything better than heading out to the countryside on one of the nice, hot springtime days and exploring the countryside? Bring a picnic with you and you can save money on having to stop for food after your day long adventure in the sun, while the fresh air and walking, while it may bring the odd moan out of your children, will leave them  exhausted at the end of the day and this leaves the evening free for some time alone for yourself. If you don’t fancywalking there’s always a free gym in Vegas to check out if you are ever in town!

• Feeding the ducks

This one is dependent on the age of your children really, although having said that my children are on the verge of hitting their teenage years and they love nothing more than a walk in our local park to feed the ducks. A loaf of bread costs next to nothing and a half an hour getting up close and personal with nature is a great way of spending time with your children. While you’re in the park another hour or two can be spent playing on the swings and slides too, something that is fantastic fun for both young and old!

• Games

Whether it be classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or even Chess – again dependant on age – or online or video games there is always something to do to occupy the mind of a child if they’re bored around the home. Monopoly is a treat that fills in many hours in our home, with everyone as competitive as can be, while further hours are whiled away playing Wii Sports in the sitting room. This is one of my favourites as provides exercise and hand eye coordination skills without the children even knowing it. I have a tendency to play free games online too, such as poker and bingo games.

Playing some penny bingo can be a great way to pass the time while spending little to no money at all. Check out some of these bingo games if you fancy your luck.

The best part about it is that the board games and Nintendo Wii can be picked up cheaply second hand these days, while it is free to play poker and play online bingo freeroll tournaments.

• Family Exercising

If you told your children that you were going out for some family exercise they’d most likely look at you as if you had two heads and refuse before sulking off to their room for the rest of the day. However, heading out into the sun, now that the winter has passed, to play sports such as soccer or tennis, with balls and racquets available cheaply, or even hiring bicycles and heading off for a family cycle to kill a few hours and see the sights is a perfect way to get your children out and exercising without seeming like a chore.

What are your favourite ways of doing family time on the cheap?

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/03/2014