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Cheetos: A Lesson in Every-Single-Bag

Funny how often my thoughts are inspired by snack foods.  I wonder if there is a deeper psychosis behind that…

Anywho, I was chowing down on a handful of Cheetos at lunch today when I noticed how similarly shaped the orange cylinders were.  In fact, they were all nearly identical.

Not remarkable you say?  I beg to differ.

By now you know that I am not a sunshine and sprinkles kind of gal.  I don’t cry when I see rainbows.  I don’t sing along with Barbara Streisand songs.  And I actually really don’t like sprinkles.

But I do find a bag of Cheetos to be somewhat miraculous.

It’s not the Cheetos, though they are delicious, so much as the process of making the Cheetos.  Imagine how long it must have taken Cheeto Inc. (I know that’s not the name of the company, let’s just stick to the point) to perfect the Cheeto-making-process so well that they can produce kazillions of nearly-identical, puffy, little bits of awesome.

We can all learn a lesson from a bag of Cheetos.  A lesson about life and how to conquer any obstacle, climb any mountain, financial or otherwise!

This is starting to sound like the beginning of a really good screenplay…

Y’all better not steal my idea.  I will hunt you down, so help me (I’m shaking my fist)!

1. Focus on what you’re good at, and perfect it.

Chances are, you are capable at making one perfect Cheeto.  Maybe that Cheeto is remembering to clip coupons before you go grocery shopping.

Examine the process you used to make that one Cheeto.  Focus on how you can apply the same steps to make more primo Cheetos, like saving money elsewhere or making a budget that works for you.

2. Love what you do.

Look at Chester Cheetah.  I know, I know, I’d be excited too if I got to go around promoting a deliciously cheesy snack; might I add, without adding a single inch to my wasteline.

However, that type of statement right there is part of the problem.  Chester could spend all afternoon playing free online bingo and still not waste a dime in pursuit of decent entertainment, or have anxiety all evening after eating a delicious snack. Don’t envy Chester. How much you love what you do or have is not dependent on how much Chester loves what he does or has.  Happiness doesn’t have to be relative.

Furthermore, don’t make a financial, or any plan that you hate.  That’s a recipe for disaster, not a Cheeto.

3. Keep things interesting.

When Cheeto Inc. perfected their first form of Cheeto, did they stop there?  Did they say, “Well, I guess that’s it?”

No!  No, they didn’t!

Do you know how many forms of Cheetos there are out there?  Why, you’ve got your X’s & O’s Cheetos, your Fire Hot Cheetos, Puffy Cheetos, Crunchy Cheetos, there are a bunch of Cheetos.

Don’t rest on your laurels.  Keep things interesting.  Things can only get better (except for Fire Hot Cheetos, those were kind of a bust).

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/11/2010