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Don’t Break a Sweat or the Bank: Save AC Dollars!

It’s another scorcher out there today folks!  This summer has been a killer all across the country, and where is it hurting me the most?  My wallet!  This month’s power bill was more than double that of last month’s, and that was me trying to be judicious about when to use the AC.  It has sent me searching for other ways to stay cool on the cheap, some of them are a little silly I realize, but they really do work!  I present free and nearly free solutions for the heat…

Before you take a shower put your underwear in the freezer or for more extreme heat soak clean underwear in water, wring, and then freeze underwear.  After your shower, slip into something more comfortable.

Use your pulse points.  Press something cold, like a soda can into places on your body where blood flows close to the surface of the skin like the crook of the elbow, inner wrists, or temples.  It cools down the passing blood that then flows throughout the rest of the body.

Try an arctic wind.  Place a bowl with a block of ice in it behind a floor fan.  Now, sit directly in front of the fan.  This pulls air over the ice making it chilly and then propels it at you.

Remember—fans don’t cool the air. Turn off a fan if you are not in front of it—it doesn’t actually cool the air, but only gives a cooling sensation for you.

Avoid the heat.  Use blackout curtains or blankets to cover windows during the day.  And don’t use stove, oven, dryer, blow dryer, or get the hot water heater going during the day.  If you must use them, do so at night.

Open the window and have a fan blowing out through it, sucking the heat out of your house.  FYI:  Not a good tip in extremely hot climates.

Make sure your AC vents are not closed or covered by furniture; you need that sweet cool air more that the back of the couch does.

Take a clean sock, soak in water, wring it out, and freeze.  Later, wrap frozen sock around the back of your neck and Aaaaaaah!  If you want a cold one available at all times rotate with the mate.

Remember your second grade Science—evaporating water creates a cooling effect.  Mist yourself often with a spray bottle of water.  It’s easy and portable, a 4 oz travel size fits in your pocket.

Wear natural, breathable clothing like linen or cotton in light colors and never wear hats, shoes or socks indoors.  Let that body heat escape!

Light = Heat, so keep any unnecessary lights off.

How low can you go?  If you live in a multi-level home head to the ground floor or, even better, a basement to wait out the afternoon.  That is the spot to find the coolest air.

Lower your inner thermostat by eating or drinking something very cold.  A pint of Rocky Road is a lot cheaper than cranking up the AC all afternoon.

If your home becomes unbearable in the heat of the day, enjoy some free public air conditioning in the fish sticks isle at the supermarket or the nearest library, mall, or café.

I want to hear your ideas for keeping cool.  What tricks help you survive the summer sun?

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/08/2012