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The following is a guest post.

Make It Cheaper

Did you know that nearly 500,000 business’ energy accounts will be up for renewal this year? If you are one of them you really need to consider what this opportunity means to you. First of all you need to make sure you are being vigilant with your renewal dates. Make sure you have them marked in company diaries months, even years in advance. You only get one letter from your energy provider, because only one correspondence is required by law, to let you know that your renewal date is coming up and if this letter somehow gets lost or is ignored by someone in your organisation, you could be looking at another long period of time attached to the same contract with elevated rates.

A really good case study into how research into energy costs for businesses can pay off is that of Screenbase, a designer and manufacturer of office screen systems in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire. Jan Frost, owner and manager of the firm, was surprisingly on the ball when it came to supplier renewal. She knew all about the one letter she was expecting to receive and was on the lookout for correspondence concerning her company constantly.

Jan was used to being treated pretty badly by her previous supplier as they were completely inconsistent with bill amounts each month and when she was told there would be a rise in the monthly costs. That was the last straw. Jan waited until the end of her contract was in sight and started looking around for a better more consistent deal.

She got in direct contact with a lot of companies but found the process to be laborious, confusing and time consuming. The business women then hit gold whilst making a phone call to energy comparison company Make It Cheaper, a free to use information centre. She knew Make It Cheaper specialised in business utilities so gave them a go. Thanks to the information given on that phone call, Screenbase now receive their gas from Contract Natural Gas in Harrogate who charge them only 4p per unit.

Jan could not be happier with her new deal that is not only a lot cheaper it is the same amount to pay each month with no random amounts cropping up. In addition to her great new deal, Jan and the guys over at Screenbase are safe in the knowledge that they were also able to snag a two year fixed price, which means that no matter how the economy goes, she will still be paying the same amount.

An average of £88 million was saved in utility bill thanks to the use of Make It Cheaper in 2011 alone, so if your renewal is coming up, make sure you give them a call, or go to their website and start saving money for your company too.

Make It Cheaper

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/07/2012