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Welcome to the 242nd Festival of Frugality!

Franklin This week’s edition is dedicated to none other than Poor Richard himself, Mr. Benjamin Franklin.  Although mostly famed for lacking the sense to come in out of the rain, Franklin played a major role in establishing industry, thrift and frugality as American values. 

Poor Richard’s Almanack was published from 1732 to 1758 and offered various forms of entertainment including arbitrary weather predictions (weather was very amusing in 1732) and, more importantly, sound financial advice in the form of sayings and poems.  This week enjoy some of our frugal heritage!

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Editors Picks:

An ounce of wit that is bought,
Is worth a pound that is taught

BWL presents Frugal Home Repairs: Do It Yourself Or Call A Professional?

Squirrelers presents How Saving $1 Can Really Save You Over $10

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Budget Management Software Options


Beware of little Expences, a small Leak will sink a great Ship.

FMF presents Secrets of Extreme Savers

Jim presents Convert Purchases from Dollars into Time

Vicky presents Control That Impulse (Buy)!


The rotten Apple spoils his Companion.

Cheapskate Sandy presents How Social Networking Can Negatively Affect Your Finances


Hope of gain
Lessens pain.

pfincome presents What are Jumbo Certificates of Deposit?

NerdWallet presents Costco TrueEarnings: the Best Rewards Card for Well-Rounded Spenders?


If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the Philosophers-Stone.

Tom presents 6 Ways to Save on Your Restaurant Meals

Nathan presents Going to College? Here are 5 Things You Don’t Need

Donna presents To budget or not to budget?


Dost thou love Life? Then do not squander Time; for that’s the Stuff Life is made of.

Theresa presents 13 Fun and Frugal Summer Activities

Tom presents 6 Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Mike presents Saving Money at the County Fair


Content and Riches seldom meet together,
Riches take thou, contentment I had rather.

Sun presents Practice Contentment to Save Cash

Paul presents Personal Finance Bible Study: Contentment (Part 5 of 12) – Getting God’s View

Susan presents 10 Foods With a Really High Price Tag

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