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Frozen Fun For Frugal Families

It is heating up out there people, and with the last day of school lurking around the corner you may be starting to scramble for fun ideas to occupy your kids.  Plus, you would welcome new ways to beat the heat.  You have probably put your summer savings under lock and key for a family vacation but since that only lasts a week or two what can you do with the rest of those hot summer days that won’t break the bank?  Why don’t you break the ice instead?  Here are some fun frozen activities and treats for you to try:

Conduct an Ice Excavation.   Take the largest plastic container that will fit in your freezer, add small dinosaur toys, and watch your kids play at paleontologist and arctic explorers.  Some great tips:  freeze in stages to have “fossils” at different depths not all floating to the top, and use blue food coloring to get a more arctic ice look.  Let them try different tools to see what works best (chisel, warm water, scraper, pick, toothbrush).  This is fun and a great teaching opportunity (hot vs. cold, dinosaurs, problem solving, how to use specific tools).

Make Ice Cream.  If you do not own or have access to borrow an ice cream maker you can make it with simple Ziploc bags that kids can have fun shaking until it gets frozen and creamy.

Make Frozen Color blocks.  Gather up a variety of kitchen containers of all shapes and sizes like Tupperware, muffin tins, and bowls.  Then, fill them with water and colorful food dyes.  Last, freeze them all and when they are solid head outside for an extra cool building game.  You can stack them like wooden blocks but with more interesting shapes and sizes.  Also, watch the shapes change and colors blend as they melt.

Make Popsicles.  Freezer molds are not that expensive, you may even have containers around the house that would work.  So just buy a bag or popsicle sticks, or do mini popsicles in an ice cube tray with toothpicks.  Try doing colorful layers or fun inclusions like fruit bits or candies.

Go Ice Blocking.  Nothing quite like the thrill of flying down a grassy hill with your butt frozen to a block of ice.  You might want to bring along your bike helmets and skateboard knee pads to help with bumps and bruises, but if you end up with some of those—hey, the ice is right there!

Have an Ice Sculpture Contest.  Start with one large ice block each and use hammers, chisels, screwdrivers sandpaper and the like to end up with a beautiful swan or Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Make Shaved Ice.  You don’t need a special machine for this.  There are a hundred ways so shave ice so be creative!  Try the blender, a cheese grater, or fork.  Also, have fun coming up with fun ways to flavor the ice.

Try Mini Igloo Architecture.  For this activity it would be helpful to have true ice “cube” trays that make nice square flat ice cubes for you to build with.  Don’t just stop with the igloo, castle, or house exteriors.  Look up photos of the famed ice hotels for ideas on interiors, furniture etc.

So what are your “cool” and inexpensive ideas for fun this summer?

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/05/2012