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Game On!: More Sports, Less Money

When my husband Matt was 14 he got a summer job as a batboy for the local minor league baseball team, the Las Vegas Stars.  It was pretty much a dream job for him.  What baseball loving kid would not be all over that?  When a major league team, displaced by a California quake, came to play in Vegas he was asked to batboy for them too and it was then that his childhood dream came true.  He got to meet his sports idol Mark McGuire…naked!  Just for clarification, Mark was just walking out of the locker room shower, nothing lewd going on.  Yeah, so the naked part was not part of Matt’s dream, but it is something he definitely will never forget.

Sports are not just a pastime anymore, they are an American passion.  Some of our most memorable moments are watching, playing, or talking sports.  But sometimes we have to miss out on the fun because a Saturday box seat at Yankee Stadium goes for $1,640.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Get the family together and take advantage of some of these money saving tips for enjoying sports.

Here are some money savers for seeing the major sports leagues:

  • Head to baseball Spring training camp in sunny Florida or Arizona where you can catch tons of cheap games and check out how your team is doing in the preseason.  You’ll have the jump on things for placing bets with friends.
  • Make sure you are on the mailing list at your church or office if they sponsor group rates for games.  It is more fun with a big group anyway.
  • If you can handle missing kickoff or the first inning, you can show up late for an event and get in for change and pocket lint.
  • Give some less popular sports like soccer, tennis, PGA golf, or NASCAR a whirl.

So, what if the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL are still not in the cards?  No matter, get your “crazy fan” on with local sports:

  • Support your local college teams.  Most colleges have a variety of teams that would be grateful to see a few new fans in the crowd and it is a great way to expose your kids to a lot of different sports and have it be a real experience.
  • Check out the Arena Football League in your area.  It is a crazy condensed version of football, like Kool-Aid with half the water! With a 50 yard field the action moves a lot quicker.  Relaxed rules allow offense to rack up the score. With hockey style boundary walls, watch players pummel each other up close.  Wild crazy fun!
  • If basketball or hockey are your thing, look into summer league basketball, NHL’s minor league or IHL


  • My favorite sporting events to go to are my local minor league baseball games.  The MLB uses extensive farm systems including A, AA, and AAA minor league teams.  In short, there are a ton of teams out there with games to be watched, and fun to be had.  Minor league is arguable more fun anyway.  With cheaper tickets you can follow the season more closely by attending more games.  With closer seats you can enjoy great views of the players that, while professional, are still learning– which means more hits, homeruns, crazier fielding errors, and therefore a much more exciting experience.  There is also a greater chance to interact with players, but take caution, when you yell out “You Suck, Pitcher!”  he will hear you.

I love going down to Cashman Field to see my Las Vegas 51s play, hiding in the bathroom from their creepy alien mascot, and watching fun fan games between innings like “drunk bat spin” relay.  We try to hit the games with free hotdogs or fireworks to add some extra free fun to our night, three rows behind home plate, for 10 bucks.  Can’t beat that!

Any other ideas out there for cheap sports thrills?


Article publié pour la première fois le 17/04/2012

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