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Getting Started Forex Trading

Forex trading is the trading of currencies in the global commodities market.  It has become increasingly popular over the last few years as individuals have looked for alternative investments.  However, trading in the foreign exchange (Forex) market is very risky, and as such, you really need to practice and understand everything before you get started.

 The Forex Market

The Forex market is the decentralized market for trading currencies.  The most common way this market exists is traditional currency exchanges for travel.  However, many traders and investors use this market to speculate on the movement of currencies in the marketplace.

The Forex market is unique because it is the largest market in the world by volume.  It is also has continuous trading during weekdays, which allows for trades to take place at any time.  Finally, the marketplace uses leverage, which can really enhance profits if the trade goes in the right direction (however, this is also what adds considerable risk to trading in the Forex Market).

The other great thing about the Forex market is the availability of information to traders.  Since currency rates are set by the central government, and policy decisions are public, traders have access to up to date information as soon as it is available.  This is different than many other types of securities.

Getting Started

To get started trading currencies in the Forex market, you should start with a practice account, such as the one provided by Alpari’s Forex trading platforms.  Having a practice account allows you to make Forex market trades without risking real money.  This can give you a feel for the market and the research available, without being on the hook for real money.

Practicing will give people like me the hands on experience without risking my hard earned money.  It also can help get my head around something new.  Overall, the idea of having a practice site for trading really would help me determine if Forex trading is for me or not.  Normally I stick with debt payoff, but something new could be good.

Once you feel comfortable with trading in the Forex market, you can use real money to buy a pair of currencies.  Remember to place limit orders on your trade because changes overnight can affect your position while you are sleeping and you could lose all your money.  Remember, your trades are leveraged, so this has a big implication on your position.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/08/2012