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Got Lemons?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and a bunch of other great stuff!  Lemons are truly a super fruit, they are actually kind of my hero.  I know they seem summery but because of the many types of lemons out there that bloom and ripen at different times they are actually a year-round fruit– Valentine’s, Christmas, whatever. I really don’t know why old-timey children used to freak for joy when they got an orange in their stockings (it was pretty much like getting the hottest new video game before it even hit stores).  I would have preferred its sunny sour cousin.  Lemons are beautiful, versatile, and best of all (landing them a spot on this blog) cheap.  Because you may receive a box of lemons as a Christmas gift from your uncle in San Diego, or maybe you are in the right area and have them growing in your backyard I am going to share some clever uses for them.

Lemons are medicine, cleaner, disinfectant, beauty treatment, food and drink– Just to name a few uses. Lucky for us they are available worldwide and they are pretty much dirt cheap. From lemons you can extract an essential oil.  They are attractive as home decor.  What is more welcoming than a sunny kitchen with a bowl of smiling lemons?  Put a slice in a cup of tea with some honey to sooth a cold.  Use the zest or a few drops of juice in cake recipes. Obviously you can squeeze them to use the juice for lemonade.  Chefs around the world always have lemons on hand for endless uses in cooking or just a pretty garnish for food or cocktails.  Try lemon juice as a disinfectant or to help remove a stain.  The best and safest way to clean a wooden cutting board and disinfect it is by rubbing is with half a lemon maybe add some coarse salt to really scrub off food bits.  Instead of using bleach for stains or cleaning the sink some use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.  Half a lemon in the refrigerator or dishwasher eliminates bad odors and keeps appliances smelling fresh.  Lemons are a source of citric acid which is used as a natural preservative– try lemon juice on sliced apples, avocado, and banana to prevent them from turning yucky brown. Plus, add a few drops of lemon to your fruit and give it a little kick of flavor too.  The lemon’s pith and peel yield pectin which is used in the food industry as a  thickener, emulsifier, and gelling agent.  Additionally there is and oil extracted from the peel that is used in the food pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.  Translation for home use– lemons brighten up that blonde hair and make a good additive to a facial mask to perk you up.  Don’t forget that they will help you get your vitamin C!!!  They make great wood cleaner and polish.  Lemons dissolve old wax, fingerprints, and grime.  Would you believe they also make a wonderful nontoxic insecticide?  Heck, I even saw a science experiment involving lemons, electrodes and a wristwatch– those babies even produce electricity! The list of uses for lemons could go on and on because lemons truly are a colorful, flavorful, versatile, amazing fruit.

Are there any other lemon lovers out there?  What are your favorite ways to use them?

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/11/2012