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Hang Up the Telephone Bill

In scouring over my monthly bills, trying to figure out ways to save money on them, one bill seems to stick out month after month like a sore thumb. My telephone bill. Ever since I got married, my husband and I have ditched the landline and survived with only cell phones. It didn’t seem to make much sense to have yet another phone number to remember for a telephone line that would only be frequented with telemarketers and political surveys. Also, we figured that ditching the landline was a great way to save money. Now, as month after month of a $120 cell bill comes and goes, I decided that looking for ways to save money on the telephone bill was worth researching out.

The first thing to remember when looking for ways to tweak your telephone setup is that no one plan will fit for everyone. We are all different people with different schedules, routines, and needs. Personally, I don’t use my cell phone a lot. My husband, on the other hand, has had his surgically attached to his head. While it might make a lot of sense for me to find a cheaper cell plan that may offer fewer features, that isn’t going to fly for a power user like my husband.

With that in mind, here are some of my tips for saving on your monthly telephone bill:

Bundle your services. Some people need a landline. Maybe they have a security system or a satellite system that requires it. Some people like to have one for their children to share. If you have cable service and internet service from the same provider, chances are that the provider also has a telephone service to sell you. Luckily, when you take advantage of all of their services together, you can get a bundled rate. Many times this will mean that in the end, you are paying as low as $10 per month for a landline. Not a bad deal.

Consider using magicJack. MagicJack is a little box that plugs into your computer or directly into your router. That box also plugs into your basic old, every telephone. You can also get a new phone number with magicJack or transfer an already-existing home number. The service also allows for free international calls. They claim that you can save up to $1,000 per year using their service, but your mileage may vary. If you need a simple telephone service, this might be the way to go.

Try Ooma Telo. Ooma Telo is another box that plugs into your router and uses an internet connection to make phone calls. The box costs about $175, but then monthly, you only pay applicable taxes. The service includes a ton of features you are used to getting with a typlical cell plan. There is also a premier service you can buy that adds even more features, for a nice little monthly fee. Again, like magicJack, Ooma Telo lets you add a home line without forking out for typical home service rates.

Try a pre-paid cell phone. One of the major problems with cell plans is that your monthly bill can be quite unpredictable. You may go over on your minutes or send just a few too many text messages. It can be quite the surprise every month when your open that bill. A pre-paid cell plan gets rid of all of that uncertainty. By pre-paying, you guaranty what your montly bill will be and you are prevented from going past that alotment of minutes or texts. If you don’t use a cell phone much, this provides a nice cheap way of getting what you pay for rather than a blanket monthly plan that provides, and charges, for more minutes, text, and data than you use.

Keep an open mind. It is easy to get set in our ways. Sometimes you have to keep an open mind when trying to figure out new ways to do things to save money. Think about what things you absolutely need and what features are unnecesary. You may be surprised what you can lose and never miss.

So friends, any other ideas for saving money on your telephone bill? Any other services out there people should know about? Sound off in the comments.

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/10/2012