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In our first Disneyland post, we discussed how to help you make the happiest place on earth feel less like the most expensive place on earth. While a trip to Disneyland can yield life-long memories, it can also make one resort to weeping on the Dumbo ride while trying to plan your escape from your creditors due to how expensive everything is. Here are more tips to help save you and your family money while visiting Mickey in his place of residence.

Avoid the souvenir trap. One of the most fun parts of a trip to Disneyland is the part you get to take home with you. No, I’m not talking about memories, those are great too, but I’m talking about the stuffed Mickey Mouse, the Goofy t-shirt, and the Cinderella dress. Kids especially love to find their own personal piece of Disneyland with which to abscond from the park. Unfortunately, Disney didn’t get to be the large wealthy corporation it is today by being dumb. Knowing that nothing can get a parent to part with their hard-earned money faster than a kid throwing a fit because they want a Buzz Lightyear doll, Disney has placed their souvenir shops right at the gates to the park knowing at the end of the day, you can’t escape until your kids have seen all the fun things to buy. Disney is also smart because they have taken all of their fun licensed items and marked the price up, ensuring you walk out the gate with your pockets a little lighter. So, with kids being kids, how do you combat this perfect storm of consumerism? The answer: with a little forethought and planning. While a stuffed Donald Duck might cost $25 in the park itself, chances are you can buy the exact same toy online or in stores outside of the park for a lot less. Before you leave for your Disneyland trip, buy whatever dolls, t-shirts, dresses, etc. you think your kids will love and give it to them when you are entering the park. Then they will have their new toy to play with while waiting in line and hopefully, you’ll avoid the souvenir trap as you leave the park. The best part: you’ll save half the cost of the toys.

Bring your own water bottles. This doesn’t seem like much of a tip, but believe me it is. Remember, everything at Disneyland is hyper-inflated price-wise. Consequently, a 16 oz. bottle of water can set you back $4-$5. FIVE DOLLARS FOR WATER PEOPLE! Don’t buy into that insanity! Bring your own water bottle into the park and bookmark “The Happiest Potties on Earth” (http://www.mouseplanet.com/potties/). This website will show you were every bathroom in the park is located. Inexplicably, many of them are hard to find. Wherever there is a bathroom, a drinking fountain is not far away. Fill up your bottle throughout the day and laugh at all the silly people paying good money for something you got for free.

Finally, because when you are talking about visiting Disneyland, time really is money, try to save time wherever possible. Want to go from one end of the park to another? Take the train! You’ll get a fun ride and get to where you’re going sooner than later. What one of those famous Dole Pineapple Whips? Time your treat with a visit to the Tiki Room. The line for the Dole Whip is shorter in the waiting area than outside. Want to splurge and dine at the Blue Bayou restaurant? Call for reservations days ahead and save time waiting in line or rushing to make a reservation in person. Remember, you only have so much time, make it count.

So there they are, some tips for saving money at Disneyland. Do you have some insider tips for saving money while visiting the Happiest Place on Earth? Tell about it in the comments.

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/10/2013