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Have a Great Summer Staycation!

Nothing like summertime to put the ants in your pants for going out and doing something in the world.  Maybe you would like to take a scientific voyage to Antarctica (talk about beating the heat!) or you would like to toss some willing virgin into the lava at Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii.  But alas, you don’t have the capital to back your new venture.  So, what to do?  Plan a series of mini vacations right at home!  Here are some ideas to get you started…


Visit interesting, fun, quirky, or queer museums in your area that you may not even realize are there.  Take the Penny Arcade Museum in Las Vegas for example.  (junior league casino?)  Some other rare specimens across the country include:  The Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, MA; The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, KY; The Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield, IL; The International Clown Hall of Fame in West Allis, WI; Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence, MO; The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, TX.

National and State Parks

Get to know your country, it’s a beautiful one!  An $80 annual pass gets a carload of people into more that 2,000 federal recreation sites all year long.  Active duty military personnel and their families can get a free pass.  A lifetime pass for senior citizens is only $10!  So get grandpa to take the kids on a wilderness adventure.

Spa Day

Give yourself the ultimate mini vacation!  Look for great combo deals like a massage and facial or a pass to the sauna and jacuzzi with a pedicure.  You can shut out the world for a few hours and focus on some well deserved ME time.  And, as an extra bonus, if you visit a mani-pedi joint like my regular place, you can also pretend you are in an exotic foreign land, just close your eyes—no one is speaking English.

Sporting Events

I have spoken somewhat on this topic in a previous post, Game On!: More Sports, Less Money.  There may be exciting local sporting events going on this summer for college teams in a variety of sports, Arena League Football, summer league NBA basketball, or Minor League Baseball and hockey.  Get tickets for the season, buy a t-shirt and a foam finger, and really get into it!  It can be a lot of fun and the teams really appreciate the support.

Zoos and Petting Zoos

Get in touch with nature, touch nature, and commune with our four legged friends.  You may not be aware that if you have an annual pass to your local zoo, it may give you free entrance to other zoos in your area.  Bored with your hometown monkey house?  Drive upstate to see the new baby giraffe!

Local Historical Sites

Is there a Civil War battlefield in your area or an old western Ghost Town?  Maybe you live near the birthplace of a former president or famous musician.  It can be fun learning about the real life history of your own back yard and you get a little more hometown pride in the bargain.

Please share, what great staycation spots have you discovered in your area?