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How to Cut Cable and Survive

In other news this week…horror of horrors! … the cable went out!  It is true, the box with little entertaining people inside went dark this week and I hate to admit I was somewhat in a panic.  I follow quite a few shows religiously and thanks to my dear friend Mr. Tivo I am usually able to keep up with all of them.  But when the cable died, determined not to miss out, I had to find alternative ways to partake.  It really got me thinking that maybe I don’t need cable after all, goodness knows I could do without the bill.  So if you are considering letting cable go, here are some other ways to get those shows you can’t live without.

Check out the broadcast network websites like ABC.com, CBS.com, NBC.com, FOX.com.  They stream content only a few hours after it airs on TV.  So watch it on your computer or grab an HDMI cable and send those soap operas straight to your big screen.

Missed your favorite primetime TV show?  Fear not, Hulu.com has got you covered.  Hulu streams most major network shows the day after they air for free.  Missed the whole season?  Get Hulu Plus for $7.99/m and watch back episodes and have the option of watching content on your TV or mobile device.

Apple TV is a device that uses iTunes to stream movies and TV, iCloud for pictures, and music, and a variety of services to get everything media on your TV.  It also gives you access to the ever-popular Netflix.  You’ll be happy to find special programming for News and live sports too; some of the things people miss most after axing cable.

Netflix is hugely popular for a reason.  The selection can’t be beat and it plays on so many different devices.  And here is some good news; you may already have a Netflix compatible device.  Apple TVs (as stated above), many Blu-ray players, and even some Televisions are rolling off the lot Netflix ready.

We all love shopping on Amazon, but did you know that a feature of Amazon Prime is that it gives you unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.  And yes, the rumors are true, Amazon officially sells everything—you can buy individual shows and movies on regular Amazon (no subscription fee) that play on your Amazon compatible device.

Last but not least, consider going old school.  Put an antenna on your roof.  It may seem like you are going back to the dark ages but local networks are broadcast in HD now and it is free!

Long story short, thanks to these fine establishments I was able to find out who had Danced with their last Star and if Schmidt had to put a dollar in New Girl’s D-bag jar.

Do you utilize these cable alternatives? Does it save you money?  Would you be willing to cut the (cable) cord?

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/04/2012