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How to Play Gin, aka Adult GoFish

When Husband and I are sitting around watching the boob tube we like to play Gin.  It’s easy, it get’s us talking, and it’s fun to kick Husband’s butt at something.  Oh, and it’s free.

Now, some people can be pretty religious about the rules of the game.  We are not those people, so feel free to get creative.  Go here to see some more official, more boring guidance.

Your Objective: Obtain 3 cards that “match” and 4 cards that “match.”  That’s 7 cards mathematicians.

A “match” can be:

3 or 4 of the same card – 3 Kings, for example. 

3 or 4 cards that are the same suit and in order – 9, 10, Jack, Queen of spades, for example.

Let’s get playing!

1. Shuffle; if you didn’t know this already, you must not play cards very often.  Never fear, you’ll get the hang of it.

2. The dealer deals the first person to his left 8 cards and everyone else 7 cards.  In the pictures, the dealer is on the bottom.

003 copy 

3. The person with 8 cards goes first.  Look at your hand and figure out what your best “matches” look like.  Pick the card that is the least likely to match anything else in your hand and lay it down, face up in the middle.

 004 copy 

4.  Now the next player (the dealer in this case) has the option to pick up the Queen of clubs if it would “match” their hand, or to take a chance and draw from the top of the pile.  If you like the card you draw, keep it, if not, lay it down face up.  You don’t have to change your hand every round, but you can only have 7 cards in your hand at one time.

005 copy 

5. The other player now get’s the same option of picking up what the dealer layed down, or drawing from the pile.  In this case the other player drew the 7 of diamonds and discarded the 6 of clubs.  Now, they have a set of 3. 

006 copy

6. Keep on pluggin’ until one of you has a set of 3 and a set of 4.  The winner lays their last card face down in an act of total domination.

007 copy


Article publié pour la première fois le 23/06/2010