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In the Credit Card Details

Our credit card will do more for us than we thought.  I wonder if it can do backrubs.

During my Untitled-1credit-card-research-bonanza last week I did the impossible:  I actually read the fine print!  Well, not really the fine print, the almost invisible print, actually.  Sure, Husband and I know our rates (not that they matter, because we pay off our complete bill every month) and our limits, but we didn’t realize just what our card could do for us.  I found a document for our World MasterCard titled, “Guide to Benefits.”  Initially I thought this to be one of those ironic pamphlets where ‘benefits’ really just means ‘ownership’ and the whole 17 pages were just legal butt-coverage for MasterCard.  In this case, I was luckily wrong. 

Turns out, that aside from whatever rewards program that your credit card offers, they may also offer you some free and clear (crazy, I know) benefits.  Here are the unexpected highlights of ours:

Extended Warranty – MasterCard will double the original manufacturer’s warranty time coverage on any purchase we make for ourselves or give as a gift.

Purchase Assurance Coverage – MC will reimburse us up to $1,000 per claim, $25,000 per year for any item that is damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase; including gifts.

Price Protection Coverage – If we find a lower price on something we bought within 60 days, MC will reimburse us the difference up to $250/claim, 4 claims per year.

Baggage Delay Insurance – MC will pay $100/day up to $300 for a baggage delay of more than 4 hours when we are traveling away from home.

Rental Car Insurance– When we purchase a rental car with our MC, if we decline the Collision/Damage Waiver, MC will insure the car.

Travel Accident Insurance – MC will pay $1 million for accidental loss of life, two or more members, etc; $500,000 for accidental loss of one limb, etc; $250,000 for loss of a thumb and index finger on the same hand.  Good to know.

I know where your thoughts have turned, because mine turned there too: there’s gotta be a catch.  In a state of disbelief I called USAA for some answers.  According to Debbie at USAA the catch is… there is no catch.  Deb says that we can use these benefits at no cost, no penalty, no nothin’.  And while I have no beef with Deb and have had only positive experiences with USAA, color me a tiny bit skeptical.  I plan on trying out a few of these benefits (not the travel accident insurance), so standby until then.  

Don’t really standby, go live your life, I’ll keep you posted.


Whip out your magnifying glass and read your fine print. 

Do you really still have a magnifying glass old-timer?



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Article publié pour la première fois le 01/07/2010