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It’s an Odd Job But Somebody’s Got to Do It

Looking back over my old posts, I realize that I mention quite a few of the jobs my husband had in his youth like ice cream scooper, baseball batboy, and others not mentioned like airport communications intern, fireworks warehouse grunt, and Target stock boy.  I had my share of odd jobs myself, but that is another story entirely.  Today I would just like to share some ideas I had for part-time, self employed gigs to help you make ends meet or to have a little extra mad money to play with.

When it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, put together a seasonal lights business including set up and take down.  Or hire yourself out as a holiday gift wrapper.  Everyone knows these things put a little more magic in the season but, in truth, many people would gladly pay to have someone else do it, worry free.

Run a cloth diaper washing service.  I think a lot more people would try this eco-friendly baby necessity if there was a good local service to help with the clean up.

Turn your hobbies into jobs. Do you knit, sew, or quilt? Make handmade gifts? Paint?  Make fancy artsy gizmos out of found objects? Make jewelry?  Try selling your wares at local fairs.

Start a furniture refinishing business.  Buy old, cheap stuff and fix it up to sell at consignment stores.

Teach cooking classes.  If people are always asking for your recipe why not teach people how to make it themselves.  You can do it in your own home if you feel comfortable or if a friend has a “show” kitchen ask to use hers.

Try good old-fashioned babysitting.  Parents these days are less willing to leave their kid with a 12 year old.  They are willing to pay more for a responsible adult who can drive and has extensive kid experience.

Housesit for neighbors. Walk their dog, feed their cat, water their plants, collect their mail, keep an eye out for suspicious persons. Their peace of mind is cash in your pocket.

Do freelance work like stuffing envelopes or making bill collection calls like Matt’s grandma used to do.  She found she had more courage for this intimidating task when she put on big dark glasses and a tough gal voice before she picked up the phone.

Start a lawn care business.  There really isn’t too much green growing here in the desert, but the weeds didn’t get the memo.   They love to ruin gorgeous desert landscaping.  A weed killer business would do well.

Take in laundry.   Gone are the days of scrubbing on washboards and cranking the ringer.  People don’t care much even about ironing anymore.  I have had friends who have done this and loved it, just grab some stain spray at get to it.

Teach language lessons.  But you don’t know a foreign language?  Do you have any idea how many people in this country are trying to learn English as a second language?  If you are reading this, you’ve got the job!

Last but not least, find a job writing content for great blogs and websites like I did!  Thanks Richly Reasonable!

I am sure there are many more odd jobs out there, some seasonal or particular to your area.  So if extra cash is what you are after, just get creative and get started.  One bit of advice, don’t forget to manage your time well so that your new business venture fits into your life and doesn’t take it over.

Got any great ideas for odd jobs?  What odd jobs have you found success in doing?

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/05/2012

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