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It’s Been One of Those Weeks Already

Today’s post is directly from Crystal.  🙂

Yep, in the last 24 hours, I have spent more than $1500 and none of it was really planned.  This will put a slight damper on us for a few months since this of course came while our business has been slower too.  🙁

Beeping, Beeping, AHHHH

We were woken up at 4am by a beeping noise Monday morning.  It ended up being the stupid fire detector that’s 20 ft in the air in our entry way.  Poop.  I called a few handymen and got quotes ranging from $100-$130.  So we drove to Lowe’s and bought a $200 multi-functional ladder that extends 18 ft.  This was a better option than my suggestion to shoot the thing (we’re Texan – that’s an option).  😉

Dental Stuff

I forgot my husband had a dental appointment for 4 fillings on Tuesday morning.  It ended up being 5 fillings and a complete cleaning and exam for $1320.  OUCH!!!  Dental insurance may or may not have covered this sort of stuff, but we skipped on it since it would have been $90 a month based on what I could find 3 years ago.  So, if it would have covered some of this, we may have been ahead by now.  But if all of his crappy teeth were considered a pre-existing condition, we would have been out the monthly premium and the $14k that we’ve put into crowns, root canals, and fillings.  My husband better treat his teeth like freaking babies from here on out or I will personally smother him in his sleep.

Things We’re Now Skipping

We enjoy vacations like cruises, Las Vegas trips, or even small weekend trips to Louisiana casinos.  We could also gamble online at places like www.888casino.com/casino-games, but now we are probably shutting down most unnecessary spending for at least the next few months.

The issues are that we already have hotel accommodations for a week long New Orleans trip in July.  We also already have booked a 7 day cruise in August with friends.  These two trips will run us about $2500 too.

Altogether, we are going to be eating way cheaper for the rest of the year to help make up for some of these expenses.  Business is slower, so we’ll probably pay less in taxes too.  But we won’t know until next April.

Any venting you need to do?

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