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Jump Start Next Week This Weekend

Did you know that 1/3 of diets started on Monday are given up by Tuesday?  Weekdays are busy enough without packing your 1,000,000 item to-do list in there. This weekend, try getting ahead by tackling a few items on your scroll (it must be a scroll if there are a million items on it). 


Update your playlist.

Every time I pick up my iPod I’m reminded that I need to mix things up a bit.  I’m no longer in the mellow mood that I was when I loaded 15 Jewel songs.  What better way to motivate yourself to cross off more tasks than with some uplifting tunes? I’ll even get your started with some of my new ones:

  • Fantasy – Mariah Carey
  • Good Time – Alan Jackson
  • Runaway – Gary Allan
  • Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison
  • Warning – Green Day
  • Mexico – James Taylor
  • Stronger – Kanye West
  • Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf
  • Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Stay – Jackson Brown


Get your workout back on track.

You read the intro, don’t put your exercise routine off until Monday; unless you want it to fail, that is.  What a perfect opportunity to utilize your newly updated jams. 

If you need help creating a new routine, here are a few free resources:

Chicks try Prevention 

Dudes try Men’s Fitness

Everyone try Fit Click


Make a couple of meals.

Coming home after a long day and cooking may make you want to scream, or actually scream.  Make more time for exercise and rocking out (oh, and your family too) by freezing some make-ahead meals. 

Good Housekeeping Double-Duty Dinners

MyRecipes.com Freezable Recipes


Exhaust yourself in a good way.

I’ll bet that somewhere on your to-do list is getting off the couch and getting out more.  Spend your weekend trying some of these free activities:

  • Discover the National Park near you and explore the great outdoors. 
  • If your neighbors are normal, socialize with them.  Check your Chamber of Commerce website for calendars and goings on.

  • Go to the farmer’s market.  Local Harvest will have information on the market closest to you.

  • Read a book for crying out loud.  Or just rent a movie.  Both are available at your local library.

  • Host a game night.  Or make it a romantic date night with a two-player game like Battleship


Article publié pour la première fois le 30/07/2010