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Last minute gift ideas

I can’t believe it but we are less than a week away from Christmas and Hanukkah starts tomorrow. If you’re like me, your gifts are bought but sitting in a stack because you’re too lazy to wrap them. If you’re like my husband, you’re probably not done shopping yet.  While my husband doesn’t mind the stress, it’s something that drives me crazy. I can’t stand crowds, never mind crowds of pushy last minute holiday shoppers.Since I refuse to be stressed, I do my shopping early or online. My husband  enjoys the frantic pace of the mall and other assorted stores and I think he actually likes the stress . However, if you’re a combination of the two of us, a last minute shopper who hates crowds and stress, here are some options for you:

  • Utilize websites like Amazon that allow you to pay extra money to ensure that your gifts arrive on time (thanks, Amazon!). This allows you to get what’s on your list without the stress of the mall or big box stores. This extra money is worth it to me.
  • Purchase gift cards that can be delivered electronically.  We do this every year anyway, mainly to save on paper. Plus, it’s nice to open up my inbox and find a gift.
  • Purchase online subscriptions. I’ve done this for several people.  Sites like Netflix, Gamefly and Instructables all offer subscription services and are often services people do not want to pay for themselves. This is a great way to give that person a chance to try out those services on someone else’s dollar.
  • Make a charitable donation in honor of someone. You can do this from the comfort of your home, via PayPal. My in-laws do this every year for my daughter. They pick a charity and will make a donation in her name. I love this gift because it serves two purposes: it teaches my daughter about the importance of giving and it benefits a charity.
  • Give cash. Even though it may seem impersonal, I love receiving cash. It gives me the freedom to spend it how I want, free from the constraints of a gift card. I actually give my husband cash every year which he uses to feed his golf habit.
  • Offer a service. OK. I admit this sounds weird. But hear me out. Let’s say you have a friend who you know is stressed out and could desperately use an afternoon for herself only you know she can’t afford a babysitter. As a gift, you can give her an afternoon or two of free babysitting. This can go for cooking, housecleaning, helping with laundry…anything where you can help fill a need and help someone out.
  • Create a photo collage. This works really well for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends. Print out some pictures, purchase some stock paper and scrapbooking supplies and you can assemble a really nice, personal gift. Homemade gifts. I am terrible at crafts. I wish I were better at them.  I can’t knit, paint, crochet or come up with any cool idea that someone would actually want to have in her home. Fortunately, there are lots of bloggers who are crafty. Check out these ideas:

What last minute ideas do you have?

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/12/2011