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Lists You Need

You may not actually need these lists at all.  You may not need a Diet Coke to survive every morning.  But I do.  And you just might find some of them useful. 


1. Home Inventory

Why it’s a good idea:

Well, mainly for insurance purposes.  Did you know that immediately following a fire or a meteor strike, most people are unable to remember what was on their nightstand, in the china cabinet, or even underneath the bathroom sink?  Unbelievable.  You can’t replace it if you don’t know that you had it. 

Bonus: Having this list will make calculating your net worth a piece of cake!

Free Tool: Know Your Stuff by the Insurance Information Institute.  This online tool saves you the trouble of finding a safe place to store your list (or you could just bury it in the backyard I suppose…).



2. What’s in the Safe & Where to Find Important Documents


Why it’s a good idea: 

If we don’t find Uncle Bob’s will, we’re gonna lose the farm!

It may be an entertaining plot device, but losing important documents can be quite serious in real life.  

Who knows, when you’re making your list you may find that Savings Bond that you forgot about like I did last week!  

Word to the wise: maybe don’t store your list IN YOUR SAFE.  Just a suggestion.

What should be on the list:

Bible Money Matters has a good account of what you should put in your safe, here are some of the highlights:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Stock Certificates
  • Basically all CERTIFICATES
  • Deeds
  • Collectibles
  • Contracts
  • Wills
  • Passports


3. Important Account Access InformationUSAA

Why it’s a good idea:  

As a military spouse, I know the importance of having access to all accounts when Husband is otherwise occupied.   

If you’ve wrestled with it, then you know how unpleasant it can be to argue with XM Radio about a billing error that they won’t talk to you about because you are not the account holder, yes even if you are the account holder’s wife, yes even if you are very very angry! 

How to do it:

I understand if you feel uneasy about having all of your account information in one place, unless that place was the Pentagon (but even Tom Cruise got in there, so maybe not even the Pentagon), I would feel uneasy too.  The best way would be to add pertinent users to accounts that may require action in your absence. 

For the accounts that we can’t add users to, Husband and I have decided to trust each other with the login information.  I can’t believe I gave him the Mint password.


4. Family & Friend Contact List

Switchboard1 Why it’s a good idea:

• Avoid additional chaos in emergencies.

• Avoid additional chaos in general.

• Save time all over the place.

Free Tools:

Excel is always available, but I’ve accepted that not everyone shares my love for this magical little spreadsheet-maker.  YadaHome provides a free, online contact list tool that you can share with up to 6 family members (plus a ton of other useful features).


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/09/2010