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Looking toward tomorrow

Recently, I’ve noticed changes happening in my neighborhood. In a recession (is that what we are still calling this), there is always a ton of turnover in strip malls, no doubt. When inexperienced business owners set out to start a business, fail to gauge the market demand and only once they launch realize no one is buying, they shut down and the next dreamer steps in.

In a volatile market though, even when an experienced business owner sets his sights on a market niche, by the time a business gets started, by the time a product starts shipping, the market could have changed enough that no one wants the product anymore.

Certain strip malls around here turn over new shop owners like a checker in a grocery store, one after another after another businesses close up and a new one opens in it’s place.

The latest wave of stores to open up around here are quick or even 15 minute payday loans. We’ve got one sharing space with a new “We buy gold” storefront and another bunking with a wholesale mattress outlet, not five blocks away.

What does this mean? What does this say about the current state of the market?

Well, it says that there is a demand for this kind of shop. People are still struggling with money management and need a place to come to when money runs short, a place to help them make ends meet temporarily.

The fact that these are all walk-in places shows that as a nation, we are becoming more and more impatient and want things instantly. That’s nothing new, we’ve been like that for the past few years as a nation. This goes hand in hand with our inability to plan, save for and put off buying things until we have the money. As a culture living for today and a culture enamored with the cutting edge, we want the latest and greatest now and have no concept of the future.

Now, these shops don’t really bother me. Payday loans have their place like any other financial product. As for our national “gimmy now” mentality, that bothers me as does the constant pressure by technology companies to upgrade, them convincing us that what we have is no longer good enough, that the latest device will improve our life beyond our imaginations…

It’s about time we were satisfied with what we have and start looking toward tomorrow.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/03/2013