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Lucky 13: Free Finance Friendly Apps

Back in the day people used to dream of a magical robot that would one day change their lives.  It would be their constant companion, slave, life organizer, entertainer, watchdog, … lover?  Well, welcome to the future people.  It is called the smart phone!  You know you can’t go anywhere or even function without your little Wi-Fi sci-fi sidekick.  Here are a few great apps to help your personal finance and they are also kind of fun. Fun and finance don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  I just got a chill thinking about restructuring my budget.  Saving a buck gives me goose bumps. Ha! Oh, and did I mention that these apps are FREE! I guess that in itself makes them technically helpful in the financial department.

Bump Pay.  Talk about fun finance!  Settle up with lunch buddies before leaving the table, no need to remember cash or a checkbook.  Just bump phones together and through your existing PayPal accounts your debt is paid.  Cheers!

Cards.  Never forget a birthday again!  Money saving and super fun, this app lets you create a real, tangible, personalized card with your own photos and text any time anywhere, and send it all for under $3.

Find My iPhone.  This helps you locate a lost or stolen iPhone.  Talk about a money saver!  Find your phone’s geo-location, make it blare a loud noise even when silenced, or remotely send a message to the screen so someone can contact you.

GasBuddy.  Find surrounding gas stations and see which has the cheapest gas.  Also, reporting gas prices enters you to win a $250 gas gift card each week.  So, save a little or a lot on gas.

Hipmunk.  Use your current location to find cheap hotel rooms nearby and discount flights to anywhere in the world.

Kindle.   You can buy or download hundreds of thousands of books, and more than 100 different newspapers and magazines free.

Mint.com.  This app helps you keep detailed account of your finances by connecting to your bank and credit card accounts and tracking all the money you earn and spend while on the go.

Onavo.  This will save you money if you often find you’ve exceeded your mobile service plan’s data allotment.  It compresses data automatically to help you reduce data usage on your phone.

PBS.  Most television and movie streaming apps say they’re free, but actually require a fee, but The Public Broadcasting Network actually brings free TV to your phone.  Tons of free entertainment for adults and kids.

RedLaser.  An app that turns your iPhone’s camera into a barcode and QR code scanner.  Scan items at a store and RedLaser tells detailed information about the product, including if these is a better price elsewhere.

Slacker Radio.  A great, free, easy to use music service.  Need I say more?

Urban Spoon.  Find food close to you, any style you like, as cheap or expensive as you like.  It is fun to “roll the dice” by shaking the phone for a random choice.

Weave.  An app that organizes to-dos in terms of projects they apply to, if your brain works that way.  It logs time spent on any list item, and percent of a project completed. For financial help, it has buttons for adding income and expenses to projects.

I hope you find these apps to be fiscally fun.  What free apps do you find yourself using the most?  Which ones don’t live up to the hype?

Article publié pour la première fois le 09/04/2012