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Make a Reasonable Contribution

As I always try to to disclose, I am far from an expert on anything other than Diet Coke (seriously, I can tell a bottle from a can from a true McDonald’s beverage, it’s quite remarkable).  Anyone can have a valuable personal finance experience or epiphany.  So, if you’ve come across some particular knowledge during your financial journey that you would like to share with the group, aka the entire world, submit a guest post.

What does a good guest post look like? 

  • For starters, it should be related to personal finance because this is a personal finance blog. 
  • It should be a well-written, well-edited 600-1000 words. 
  • It should be up-beat, nobody likes a party pooper.  This is an opportunity to inspire others to improve their financial situations and their lives. 
  • It must be original and unpublished. 


Each guest post will prefaced with a few sentences about the author and a link to their website if applicable.  Also, I do reserve the right to edit for readability and formatting, but will do my best to preserve your original voice. 

Sound like something you’d be interested it?  Email me your article and we’ll see what we can do!  

Article publié pour la première fois le 02/08/2010