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Make It or Buy It

I wrote today’s post with one of the sisters.  For fun.  And fun we had.   


Things were tough when we were kids.  We didn’t have cell phones.  We had terrible bangs.  We even had to make our own Halloween costumes. 

Actually, we didn’t mind the costume thing so much.  Remembering our other sister maneuvering with a trash bag full of purple balloons around her torso (grapes) always makes us giggle; grapes are tough to get into cars… and jackets.  

Though we thoroughly enjoyed exercising our imaginations, there was another rational for our homemade disguises: store-bought ones were ex-pen-sive.

A lot has changed.  Kids nowadays have cell phones and much more stylish haircuts.  And those once high-priced “designer” costumes have come down in cost.


Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 8.17.07 PM

For example, Wal-Mart now offers this classy Chewbacca ensemble for a low, low, practically unheard of price of $350! 

Yes, we’re kidding.  About it being a low price, that is.  Wal-Mart really does have ’em.  And we kinda want one two.

But, they do have very reasonably priced Spider-Man, Snow White, and a variety other iconic costumes ($20 & under). 

So now that an authentic Genie Barbie costume is within the realm of your budget, the question is: buy it or make it?


When to Buy It:

1. When the price is reasonable.  There are clearly still some pricy Chewy’s out there. 

2. When it gets too complicated.  Making a costume should be fun, not stressful.

3. When you’re in a time crunch.  You’re busy, and that’s ok.


When to Make It:

1. When the price is reasonable.  You can blow a lot of money at Hobby Lobby if you aren’t careful. 

2. When you can utilize it other than on All Hallow’s Eve.  For example, this year two of the nephews are going as Mario and Luigi, but their overalls-turned-superhero-garb can be worn to school without looking like lunatics (or like they have lunatic parents). 

3. When you want to literally make a memory.  As kids (as if you needed the clarification), our dad made us fairy wands and our mom made the outfits to match.  Best Halloween ever.

4. When you want to exercise your creativity.  Stretch your imagination and see what clever costumes you can make out of only things in your home.  The possibilities with cardboard boxes are endless: Dice, Robot, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (yes it can be done). 


We know, this sound advice has arrived right in a nick time, as you just completed over 40 hours of intensive labor on you kid’s fully functional, Transformer costume.  Not to worry, the same rules are applicable for all make or buy decisions. 

The holidays are fast approaching and you have plenty of choices to make. 

Sweaters – to knit or not to knit. 

Cookies – to bake or not to bake. 

Ornaments – to paint or not to paint.

Article publié pour la première fois le 27/10/2010