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One Man’s Junk

One man’s junk might just be junk.


Have you seen these jars full of buttons?  Almost every antique store has them.  That, and pictures of families to whom you have no relation.  To give them credit, there is something cute about them.  But what is their value?  Unless you are planning a button-crafting-bonanza, what are these objects going to do for you?  I don’t care if they are only $10 for the pair, think about where they will end up in your home 2 months from now.  Stuffed up on a shelf.  In a cupboard.  Dumped out in your “junk drawer”.  

It might just be best to leave these babies on the shelf for that button crafter who will be happening along after you.  Hey, you can put the $10 you save away for that cruise you can’t afford to go on right now.

Photo Credit: hill.josh

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/06/2010

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