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To Insure Prompt Service – Tips

I am a lousy tipper.  Husband is an excellent tipper.  Can you imagine a more outrageous couple?


You may have gotten the cutesy email that explains that the word ‘tips’ is actually an acronym, short for the phrase “to insure prompt service.”  Well, stop spreading that rumor, because according to Snopes, it’s not true; and it really doesn’t make any sense if you think about it.   Truth be told, I will generally, begrudgingly, tip at least 15%.  Buy why?  Today I wanted to find out where that magical 15% comes from, but as far as I could find, the waitress union pushed the initiative through a top secret campaign.  15% actually does seem like a reasonable amount for good service, but what about just OK or bad service?


quel est le meilleur site de rencontre 2013 Reasons Why We Might Over-Tip:

We Don’t Know It 

Many people just glance at their receipt, which is normal, because they have lives to get to.  But if you’re not careful, you may miss the automatic gratuity that can be added to parties as few as 6 in some restaurants.  Doing some quick math can ensure the proper compensation and prevent double tipping.

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Hubs Let’s Me Handle The Money

I was reading this article at Christian PF today and it occurred to me that I’ve never really talked about how Husband and I manage our finances.  Really, I just assumed that you knew, seeing as how we are practically like family now. 

It’s really the thing to do in the personal finance blogging world, because, after all, who wants to read financial advice from a lady who can’t even balance a checkbook.  Yes, I could straight up lie to you, tell you I made millions in futures, commodities and other equally obtuse investments. 

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m basically Abraham Lincoln sans the beard right now.


The Basics 

We are a single-income family of two, have one debt – a military loan with basically a 0% interest rate (so, no real reason to pay it off early), no house, soon-to-be no cars, Roth IRA’s, 401k’s, and a few other vanilla investments.  

We are boring. 


What We Think We Do Well

calendrier rencontre 2cv 2013 Minimize Crap Buying – This is something that two anal-retentive, clutter-hating people are bound to do well.  Our favorite tool for crap-minimization has been our separate “allowance” accounts; they make us think more about small purchases and put a cap on the amount of junk we could actually buy, even if we wanted to. 

pagina para conocer gente cercana Pay Off Credit Cards Completely Every Month – I’m aware that anyone who knows anything about money management knows that this is a very basic rule.  Well, we follow this rule very well and I want a gold star for it.  

investigate this site Maximizing Our Investment Contributions – Hubs contributes the full 5% that the Air Force matches to his Thrift Savings Plan (401k) and, when I had a job, I did too – free money!  We also max our Roth IRA contributions every year (we’ve only been married a year and a half, but it’s a good start). 

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How Much Time Does That Cost?

When on a diet, picture yourself skinny to curb cravings.  When on a budget, picture yourself at work to avoid impulse purchases.

You’ve probably heard that lots of small impulse buys can derail your budget.  Why is that?  The obvious answer would be that the more you spend, the less you save.  The less-obvious (but still not rocket science) answer would be that the little purchases are less noticable and therefore have a tendency to slip our attention.  $10 here, $10 there and pretty soon you are way off budget, in debt to Jabba the Hutt, and frozen in carbonite.  Just ask Han Solo.  I’m betting that you don’t have a line in your budget for “More Random Stuff I Couldn’t Resist at Walmart.”  If that’s the case, then these purchases are putting you over budget, and you will have to go above and beyond to pay for them.  When I was a 9-5er I used this little trick to stop myself from buying crap a Target:

Calculate how many more hours you would have to work to pay for that purchase.

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Is it just me or do song lyrics sound slightly ridiculous when they aren’t being sung?  All those “yeah’s,” “uh huh’s,” and “oh baby’s,” make me laugh.

Here they are in no particular order whatsoever:

1. You say that I don’t love you. You say my love is untrue.
Well darlin’ if I was a rich man I’d prove my love to you.
I’d buy you a diamond ring and a new fur coat or two.
site de rencontre wallis et futuna If my nose was running money honey I’d blow it all on you.

christliche singles kiel Mike Snider – If My Nose Was Running Money


Not only is this irresponsible, it’s just gross.  The woman doesn’t want your booger money.

If my nose was running money, would I consult a doctor?  You know, I just don’t know, I just don’t know. 


2. People say I’m a crazy son of a gun
‘Cause http://pastormaconline.com/celka/567 I’ve made me a couple million never saved a one.

dating agency cyrano dramabeans 16 Darryl Worley – Living in the Here and Now

MC Hammer did that.  Now all he has left is a pair of parachute pants; or did they take those too?

Stop.  Or it’s Hammer Time.


3. I’m gonna marry for money 
I’ll be so damn rich it ain’t funny 
I’m gonna have me a trust fund, yacht club, hot tub piece of the pie 
Find me a sweet sugar mama 
With a whole lot of zeros and commas 
Don’t really care if she loves me 
greenville tx dating She can even be ugly 
I’m gonna marry for money

you can try these out Trace Adkins – Marry for Money

No comment.

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The Problem with Easy Money

The other evening Husband and I had a very existential discussion… about The Jersey Shore.  I’m betting that even if you don’t watch the show, you’ve heard about it.  Cast-members have been in the news recently over their reported $10,000/show salaries.  For those of you who don’t know, the premise of the MTV show is a group of guido-types (as they call themselves, not me) live in a house together, go to clubs, lift weights, and tan.  I’ve watched it and it’s slightly entertaining.  Don’t judge me.

“What could be existential about a reality TV show?” you ask.  I mentioned to Husband that I feel bad for the cast.  That’s right, I feel bad for people who get paid $10,000 every time an hour of their “dirty laundry” gets aired to the world.  You couldn’t pay me enough for my reputation.  Easy money isn’t always as easy as it looks.  We all dream of hitting the big time but rarely consider the cost. 

Here are some of the problems I found with a few types of “easy money”:


Winning the Lottery

Full Disclosure:  There is a Lottery ticket sitting on my dresser for tonight’s drawing.  Hello Kettle, I’m Pot.  

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Last minute gift ideas

I can’t believe it but we are less than a week away from Christmas and Hanukkah starts tomorrow. If you’re like me, your gifts are bought but sitting in a stack because you’re too lazy to wrap them. If you’re like my husband, you’re probably not done shopping yet.  While my husband doesn’t mind the stress, it’s something that drives me crazy. I can’t stand crowds, never mind crowds of pushy last minute holiday shoppers.Since I refuse to be stressed, I do my shopping early or online. My husband  enjoys the frantic pace of the mall and other assorted stores and I think he actually likes the stress . However, if you’re a combination of the two of us, a last minute shopper who hates crowds and stress, here are some options for you:

  • Utilize websites like Amazon that allow you to pay extra money to ensure that your gifts arrive on time (thanks, Amazon!). This allows you to get what’s on your list without the stress of the mall or big box stores. This extra money is worth it to me.
  • Purchase gift cards that can be delivered electronically.  We do this every year anyway, mainly to save on paper. Plus, it’s nice to open up my inbox and find a gift.
  • Purchase online subscriptions. I’ve done this for several people.  Sites like Netflix, Gamefly and Instructables all offer subscription services and are often services people do not want to pay for themselves. This is a great way to give that person a chance to try out those services on someone else’s dollar.
  • Make a charitable donation in honor of someone. You can do this from the comfort of your home, via PayPal. My in-laws do this every year for my daughter. They pick a charity and will make a donation in her name. I love this gift because it serves two purposes: it teaches my daughter about the importance of giving and it benefits a charity.
  • Give cash. Even though it may seem impersonal, I love receiving cash. It gives me the freedom to spend it how I want, free from the constraints of a gift card. I actually give my husband cash every year which he uses to feed his golf habit.
  • Offer a service. OK. I admit this sounds weird. But hear me out. Let’s say you have a friend who you know is stressed out and could desperately use an afternoon for herself only you know she can’t afford a babysitter. As a gift, you can give her an afternoon or two of free babysitting. This can go for cooking, housecleaning, helping with laundry…anything where you can help fill a need and help someone out.
  • Create a photo collage. This works really well for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends. Print out some pictures, purchase some stock paper and scrapbooking supplies and you can assemble a really nice, personal gift. Homemade gifts. I am terrible at crafts. I wish I were better at them.  I can’t knit, paint, crochet or come up with any cool idea that someone would actually want to have in her home. Fortunately, there are lots of bloggers who are crafty. Check out these ideas:

What last minute ideas do you have?

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