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5 Painful Ways to Save Money

It’s easy to start cutting back on those not-so-fun expenses like car insurance, your dental plan, and septic tank maintenance.  Do you have what it takes to cut where it hurts (metaphorically speaking, of course)?  Or are you just a sissy?


I absolutely advocate saving money wherever you can (you may want to rethink cancelling your dental though), and I don’t really believe that you should live like Oliver Twist if you don’t have to.  You work to maintain a certain quality of life, and so long as you are living within your means, that’s just fine with me.  For those of you that are feeling like you can’t make ends meet or should be saving more, if you haven’t considered these cutbacks, either 1. things aren’t as bad as you think, or 2. you should.

1. Don’t Renew Cable TV (Save $900/year)– Calm down Bubba, somehow the human race survived the dark ages without cable, so you might just have a chance.  We didn’t have it when I was a kid.  In fact, one day my sisters and I came across a sign in our back yard that said “WARNING Buried Cable!”  So, for a long time we thought that cable televisions grew like tubers (Husband didn’t know what a tuber was, so here is a reference if you don’t know either).  We were lucky we didn’t get electrocuted trying to dig up those TVs… 

2. Cancel Texting & Your Data Plan – OMG, listen.  I think I just heard millions of angsty teens start crying all at once.  But wait, I can hear some adults in there too; oh, that’s just me.


3. Quit Smoking (Pack/Week Users Save $312/year) – I really don’t care if you smoke, but other people do.  That is why as of July 2010, just the tax on a pack of cigarettes in the U.S averages to $1.45 (about 33%). 


4. Stop Eating Out (Couples Save Up To $5,000/year) – The pain associated with this one can vary depending on who you have to eat with at home and how good the cooking is. 


5. Give Up Your Diet Coke (Save $365/year) – Everyone has a vice that’s cheap in one unit, but can really add up over time.  Mine is a daily McDonald’s Diet Coke: $1/day, $365/year.  I’d give up clean underpants before I gave up Diet Coke, but I thought it worth mentioning.


What is your Diet Coke?  Could you give it up?

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/07/2010