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Paperback Swapping: Books on a Budget

The following is a guest post from Kirsten, FSM (Fiscally Savvy Mommy).  Have so many books that you can’t squeeze one more on your bookshelf?  Try trading them at Paperback Swap, a book-for-a-book program, where the only cost is postage.   


I first heard of PaperBackSwap.com from a friend.  I can’t tell you how much I lament not really opening my ears and hearing her the first time she told me.  The cost of books is climbing and our income, well, isn’t.

Average Costs as of 2007:

Children’s Book – $20.82

Adult Non-fiction Hardcover – $25.38

Adult Fiction Hardcover – $27.47


How Paperback Swap Works:


1. Clean out – Go through your books that you’ve been packing, un-packing and re-packing every time you move.  Find all the ones that you’ve read, always intended to read, or have read so many times that you know it by heart.


2. Enroll at Paperbackswap.com – It’s free.


3. Upload the books that you are willing to trade to your Bookshelf.


4. Search for books you’d like to read and add them to your Wish List. 


5. When a book is requested from you, PBS will send you a mailing label with the address of the person who has requested it. They ask that you (courteously) mail the book in a timely manner via USPS Media Mail (which is way cheaper than other methods).  This is only cost that you incur during the process and it is much less than what you would pay for a new book. When the book is received by the requesting party, your Paperback Swap account is given one credit.  Each book is worth one credit, and audio books are worth two credits. 


6. Cash in your credits and soak up some literature.


Yup, it’s just that easy. Give it a shot!


And it Does Work:


We’ve been using the site for only a few months and we’ve saved more than a couple hundred bucks, gotten some great Martha Stewart books and more than our fair share of Curious George.


This website is a money saver, not to mention you get to reclaim your shelf-space as you go.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/08/2010