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Pay Now, Play Later

The other day Friend and I were talking about the forgotten concept of layaway; well, at least we had forgotten about it.  Putting something in layaway is no different than setting up an automatic saving plan, but it may provide that extra incentive to save if you are in need of a little motivation.  Maybe you like knowing the exact TV that is in Sears waiting for you.  Maybe you like going into the store and making a payment; each time knowing you are a bit closer to that riding lawnmower and sweet victory.  Whatever the reason, if layaway is what you need to achieve your savings goal, minus the credit card interest, then I am all for it. 

After doing a bit of research, I found that there have actually been some pretty cool developments in the world of layaway:

Sites like elayawaymall.com & lay-away.com give you the option to layaway 1000’s of popular brands online.  Watch for a 1.9% fee though, and always google coupons. 

If you’re saving for a special trip, try layaway-travel.com.  Engaged people, can you say honeymoon?

While Wal-Mart has canceled their program, other traditional layaway stores like Sears and K-Mart are still laying-away and are now even doing it online

In a world of credit cards, where we can play now and pay later, doing just the opposite begs the question: why? 

Number one:

If you aren’t paying off your credit card bill every month, you aren’t living within your means.  If you aren’t living within your means, your debts will continue to grow.  Do you want to owe someone else for the rest of your life or would you rather just pay yourself? 

Number two:

The balance on your credit card will continue to grow, even without you there to nourish it.  Don’t you wish your garden would do that?  Playing now means paying more later.  Considering how much interest you’ll pay on that bedazzled t-shirt might make it seem like not such a good deal anymore.   

Number three:

There’s nothing like the joy of a job well done; though, I hear winning the lotto is right up there.  Remember back when credit cards weren’t an option, and you had to save every penny of your allowance for that giant trampoline?  Talk about an accomplishment.


How are you going to shop for Christmas this year? 

 Only 143 shopping days left, better get cracking.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/08/2010