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Since May we’ve made a couple of big purchases and taken a couple of trips for which we’ve found some groovy new ways to save.  Singularly the savings were pretty impressive, but all together, I look like a budgeting superhero. 

On a side-note: Why couldn’t I find any superhero women pictures that didn’t have kankles?  For the record, I am not a man but I sure don’t have kankles either.


Saving on Priceline.com

For the most part, Hubs and I tend to be immune to advertising gimmicks; or at least if one of us becomes mesmerized by the persuasive television box, the other is there to slap him/her upside the head.  This is why we never tried Priceline before. William Shatner wasn’t fooling us, no sir.

On a weekend trip to Ft. Worth, however, we found ourselves hotel-less and curious.  We downloaded the free app and were ready to “negotiate.”  Feeling rebellious we offered $40/night (technically $20, because we were splitting the room with a friend) for a 3 star hotel, and honestly didn’t think it would work.  We got it.  Cha-ching!

Booking through Hilton directly, the room we got normally runs around $189/night.

We saved $149.


Saving on Budget Rental Trucks

We bought a new kitchen table and needed a way to transport it because no matter how we worked the angles, we just couldn’t seem to fit it in the Audi.  I should note, we bought it about 400 miles away from where we needed it. 

If you’ve ever shipped through a moving company before, you know that the prices can get up there – around $550 for our set.  So, I went to our usual source for truck rentals, U-Haul, who’s bid wasn’t much better – $400ish + mileage.  

I actually was freaking out, wondering if I would have to cancel my order for my dream table (which I got at a dreamy, never-ever-gonna-happen-again price).  Out of curiosity I checked on Budget’s rates, not expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised. 

Budget charged $220 for the rental.

We saved at least $300.


Saving on Refurbished Stuff

A while back I wrote a little ditty about all the things you can buy refurbished.  I finally decided to take some of my own advice and, as it turns out, I might just know what I’m talking about (sometimes).  

First, we bought a refurbished Dyson at Overstock.com.  A true status-symbol in the house-wife world, but at full-price, I found it a bit out of our vacuum-budget range.  

Regularly priced at $400, refurbished the price goes down to $250. 

We saved $150.  And I finally became a tried and true, Dyson-wielding house-wife.

More recently I took the plunge and opted for a refurbished MacBook, rather than an unseasoned newbie.  It was frightening at first, I must say, but I’ve been extremely pleased with this beauty thus far. 

New, the MacBook is priced at $999, we paid $750.

We saved $250.




Article publié pour la première fois le 28/10/2010