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Savings on Fall Fun

Fall just may be the best season of the year. Sure, people love Summer, It  is easy to love. Who doesn’t like cookouts and swimming? It’s kind of hard to beat those long lazy days of Summer. But I think that Fall puts up a good fight. Sure, the days are shorter, but the world goes through a transformation unlike any other season. Fall is associated with many of my favorite things: apples, pie, falling leaves, and crisp weather. And, while it’s easy to come up with fun cheap things to do in the Summer, I think its just as easy to enjoy those cool days of Fall. So for those looking for some cheap activity ideas, here are those I look forward to year after year. And best of all, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Go outside. Yes, Summer is usually associated with spending copious amount of time outside, but I think that Fall is the true season for getting outside. In large portions of the country June through August is unbearable. In the Southwest, the heat is so bad, all you can do in the Summer is hunker down in the air conditioning and pray for mercy. It is only as the Fall approaches that those in these oppressive climates can finally step outside. In these areas, Fall feels like Summer does is cooler parts of the country. As for those living in cooler climes, while Fall might mean colder weather, it also means beautiful Fall foliage and crisp air, perfect for getting outside and enjoying. Sure, you may need a sweater, but who doesn’t love sweaters? Admit it, Fall is the time to get outside. Best of all, the beauty of Fall can be enjoyed for free. Save money by simply stepping out of your front door.

Hit up the supermarket and the dollar story to get Fall decor for cheap. Fall hosts some of the best holidays of the year. Halloween and Thanksgiving provide an atmosphere and flavor to the season that can’t be beat. While celebrating these holidays can be expensive if you let them, they don’t have to be. It’s a lot of fun to go to pumpkin patches during October, but have you seen the prices they sell pumpkins at? It’s a lot of money to spend on something that will be covered in mold and wilting on the porch in a few short days. Save those dollars but simply buying your pumpkins at the supermarket and go to the pumpkin patch to simply enjoy the atmosphere. You’re really only going to the patch to enjoy some Fall activity, so do so without emptying your wallet. Also, can you tell the difference between the fake spider webs from the dollar store and those bought from Pottery Barn? Yeah, me neither. Save your money and get your fun holiday decor from the dollar store.

Take advantage of pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Despite my above advice, don’t miss out on visiting your local pumpkin patch. More often than not, pumpkin patches are a lot more than a place to buy produce. Patch owners like to give customers a full Fall experience and go out of their way to do so. Hay rides, pumpkin throwing contests, scary story telling, bobbing for apples, and a variety of other activities welcome those who venture out to your local pumpkin patch. Also, don’t forget corn mazes. For a small fee, these can provide hours of entertainment. Make sure you get a map before you venture into the corn.  Otherwise, it was nice knowing you.

It’s simple to enjoy Fall without spending lots of money. What do you do for fun in the Fall without shelling out the cash? Let me know below.


Article publié pour la première fois le 24/10/2012