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Spaghetti V. Ninja Throwing Stars

From time to time Husband and I will wax philosophical and consider the most important questions of our time.  These are the debates that will determine the fate of the free world.  We pose these questions to you.

For your consideration: Would you rather be able to shoot spaghetti from your fingers or ninja throwing stars?

The Case for Spaghetti Fingers (My Pick)

Point:  You would never go hungry.  Nay, the entire world would never go hungry. 

Counterpoint:  It’s like eating your boogers since the spaghetti would essentially be a secretion from your body.   (Here I suggest that my body is not actually creating the spaghetti, but channeling it from some Italian spaghetti factory.  You decide which is more plausible.)

Point:  If you get annoyed with someone, you can shoot spaghetti at them.  It’s the ultimate humiliation.

Counterpoint:  Ninja throwing stars are much more direct means of conveying annoyance; there’s no room for interpretation. 

The Case for Ninja Fingers (Husband’s Pick)

Point:  The are awesome and manly.  You can defend yourself at a moment’s notice.

Counterpoint:  How often are you getting into ninja fights there Jackie Chan?  Tell me, how manly is it gonna be when you sneeze and accidentally shoot a ninja star in your leg? 

I’m not discounting Husband’s argument, that’s literally the only point he has.


Weigh in on this topic.  It’s so important.