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The GREAT Coupon Experiment – Week 1

The GREAT Coupon Experiment aims to solve a mystery as old as the Sunday insert itself: Is coupon cutting really a feasible way for people with lives and dogs and families to save money?  My mother would say, “yes”; I would say, “I don’t know; that’s why I’m doing this experiment.” 


Copon - Week 1a Costs: $2 Newspaper (Sunday)

Time Clipping: 20 Minutes

Total Savings (Net of Costs): $4.55, that’s $13.65/hour.  Not too shabby.


1.  Ok, $4.55 isn’t going to put our future kiddos through college, but it is enough to pay for 4 large diet cokes from McDonald’s.  Awesome. 

2.  Even if we only saved this much every week, in one year that adds up to $236.60. 

3.  I cut out more than 5 coupons, but most of the ones I clipped were for shampoo, cleaning supplies, etc. and we are stocked up on those right now.  I’m anticipating way more savings in those areas in the future.

4.  Note the crumpled receipt.  Husband smashed a bug in it.  Thanks honey. 

5.  Also note that I could have cropped the receipt more, but look how conveniently literally all the healthy items we bought show up here!  Yup, we are super healthy and superior. 



My go-to-coupon-gal (mom) informed me that many of the coupon items will go on sale in the week following the insert, I’ll check it out with my leftover coup’s from this week.


Have coupon or other money saving tips?  Share them with the group, don’t be stingy.



Article publié pour la première fois le 08/06/2010