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The GREAT Coupon Experiment – Week 2

The GREAT Coupon Experiment aims to solve a mystery as old as the Sunday insert itself: Is coupon cutting really a feasible way for people with lives and dogs and families to save money?  My mother would say, “yes”; I would say, “I don’t know, that’s why I’m doing this experiment.” 

6-1-2010 11;17;21 AMCosts: $0 I stole my sister’s paper this week.  Just to clarify, I do not condone stealing your neighbors paper.

Time Clipping: 15 Minutes

Total Savings (Net of Costs):

Manufacturer Coupons     3.60
Coupon Items on Sale     4.00
Military Discount     5.63
Total     13.23


1.  Mom was right.  Nearly every coupon I had from the prior week was on sale this week.  A lot of items were at least 25% off.

2.  Coupons aren’t always worth it.  Sure they bring the price of a name brand down, but that won’t necessarily make it cheaper than the other brand.

3.  For military folks: even a 10% discount at our local grocer can’t beat the Commissary prices, especially in the meat department.


Online coupons, where to begin?


Might I Suggest:

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Have coupon or other money saving tips?  Share them with the group, don’t be stingy.